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Novak Djokovic: RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

Novak Djokovic’s Quotes

  • I don’t like ‘what-ifs’. I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason.
  • The first thing is to make sure you are in the moment.That is much easier to say than to do. You have to exclude all distractions and focus only on what you are about to do.You are not born with that. It is something you have to build by yourself.
  • I believe that half of any victory in a tennis match is in place before you step on to the court.
  • You can’t separate yourself professionally and privately. You’re the same person.
  • I can get a big slap from karma very soon, if I become too arrogant and think that I’m a higher being or better than everybody else.I don’t want that!
  • That’s my mindset. I just try to approach every single day with a particular purpose, and to aim for perfection. If you aim that far, you might just reach excellence.
  • I don’t take anything for granted, even though I won last four out of five Grand Slams, played five finals out of five Grand Slams last that I played.
  • I’m at the point in my life where everything is working in harmony.
  • It’s one of my passions in life, finding better ways to try and improve my health. I really enjoy trying to push the boundaries, understanding the limits of how healthy we can actually be.
  • It would be great if tennis was played in only one set.
  • I’m not here because I played the same tennis I played last year.I always strive to improve not just the game or technically, tactically, but also mentally.
  • I believe that all the guys that are out there fighting each week to get to No. 1 are very hungry to get to No. 1, and I know that.
  • I’m excited to try and find out what I’m capable of. It’s a big challenge because in my 28 I’ve already achieved a lot in my career.
  • The pressure is on>, and many are looking to me to do big things. I expect it of myself, too.
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  • I wish I could have more free time, which is a great luxury to me, to experience things in life that I don’t have enough time for.
  • There are high expectations of people around me and from myself to do well, but I try to take each moment a step at a time.
  • I can’t predict what future brings. I can only focus my attention and energy to the present moment and do what I do best.
  • Novak Djokovic quotes that if you want to be the best, you have to beat the best, you know. You have to win against the best players in the world. That’s the biggest challenge you can have.
  • Go for a winner or go for a dropshot. Sometimes you have a brain freeze, if I can call it that way. That’s what happened to me many times with those dropshots.
  • I always try to win.
  • It’s like ying and yang. You can’t function to your biggest potential and abilities as a human being and as a man without a woman by your side and vice versa.
  • For me, a holistic approach to life is everything. I can’t separate myself and my being, physically, from mentally from emotionally from spiritually. It’s all one person.
  • It’s all about give and take in life. It’s important as well to keep the right balance in the middle where you know what works for you the best.
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  • Always try to respect your opponents… and leave this sport with dignity and understand that you are part of something that is greater than you. Tennis is greater than all of us.
  • I’m not there to judge who is supporting more or less. I’m there to play tennis.
  • I have always valued the care for my body, and, you know, my mind and had this holistic approach to life. I always thought this is utmost importance for my tennis.
  • I’m playing this sport, because, first of all, I enjoy it, I love it, have passion for it, and then, you know, fight for the biggest trophies.
  • Everyone feels fear. I don’t trust a man who says he has no fear. But fear is like a passing cloud in the sky. After it passes, there is a clear blue sky
  • About 10 to 11 days, that is the maximum number of days that I don’t play tennis, put my racquet aside, and hold my baby in my arms.
  • Education, it’s a building block: something that nobody can take away from you. It helps to build your character, and stimulates you to be independent.
  • I can carry on playing at this level because I like hitting the tennis ball.
  • A lot of young people all over the world follow every move I make. It gives me strength and energy. For me it is an incredible privilege.
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  • Nowadays, about 50 per cent of what I eat is raw.
  • It’s among the things that please me most — to hear that I’m a role model to children and that I somehow inspire them to get involved in sports.
  • Every person has a choice in life, even though it sometimes seems that’s not the case.
  • In the past four-five years, since I changed my diet, that has become my greatest passion — healthy, organic, unprocessed food.
  • My childhood was different from that of many players who are now my rivals and that’s helped me to maintain a sense of normality and humility.
  • I don’t like to talk about myself. I think it’s inappropriate—it seems pretentious.
  • Growing up in the mountains, that kind of ordinary existence gave me a strong foundation, so that I can handle my current way of life much better and appreciate it more than I might have.
  • I’m not writing regularly, but I am in the habit of keeping a diary.
  • I like to express what’s in my heart and on my mind, I’m very emotional and temperamental , and the people around me know that I try to be sincere, honest, dignified and to uphold the life principles that I believe in.
  • In an ideal world, it’d be best if people said what they think and it got published that way; but the media are capable of twisting words in a way that suits them.
  • You can’t turn black into white, purple, or grey — it’s just black.
  • Two things are like wind in my sails — I recap the most recent events before sleep and look for inspiration in other people, who are special and accomplished, both professionally and personally. I like to discover their way of thinking. It’s something I constantly seek.
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