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Pablo Carreno Busta: RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

Pablo Carreno Busta’s Quotes

  • Always win is important. For me also we are focused in the singles. But when you lose in singles, you continue play in doubles. You try to do your best.
  • To win my first ATP World Tour title and then playing against Bautista [Agut], a top player, is really tough. It was a really tough match. But it’s amazing. I fought all the time, all week. I’m very, very, very, very happy. This is an incredible feeling.
  • To win my first ATP World Tour title is a dream because you can play finals and I played two this year. But when you continue working and you continue fighting all the time and finally the result arrives, for me, it’s really, really good.
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  • It’s really important to be aggressive with your serve and then with your return and when you are playing the rallies, you need to be able to be [more aggressive] because if you’re not aggressive, the opponent has the key to win the matches.
  • The Spanish players are making something great. It’s not easy to make a lot of champions like we are and win tournaments. Nadal, Ferrer, now Bautista [Agut] is a top player… All the Spanish players can win a tournament.
  • All the people who worked with me, who supported me, all my family, of course. All the people who support me all the time, when I win, when I lose. And I have to say thank you to everybody because without their support, this is not easy and I think it’s impossible.
  • I’m serving really good. I’m serving better but I think it’s not enough. I can do it better. And then I have to continue being aggressive.
  • To [beat] Roberto (Bautista Agut) you have to fight because he’s a really tough player. He’s a Spanish player like me. It’s not easy to play against another Spanish player.
  • I will try to continue going up my ranking, my level of tennis, but I’m not in a hurry to be in the Top 20 or the Top 10.
  • I am working good with my team and I am relaxed, and I don’t need to go faster than I can and make good things.
  • This is more confidence for me in the US Open. I’m playing good, with confidence. This is really good to arrive for the US Open with confidence.
  • This is the way: work, work, work. You have to learn a little bit because I am 25 and I have years to make my tennis better. We are working well and I’m happy with my team, with my coach, and in general with my life now. So everything is good.
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  • This is so emotional because to me, my family is really important. I love my family. I suppose everyone loves their family, but you know, I worked too hard. When I was 15 I left from my home city and moved to Barcelona, and you always think about your family and these moments, when your family are really happy for you and I am really happy for them.
  • It’s not really pressure because Nadal’s the best player from Spain and I think he’s one of the best of the history. It’s impossible to be like him. I don’t think that I will win nine or 10 Grand Slams, so there is no pressure. For me, just to keep progressing would be great.
  • Obviously you do not earn anything and a lot depends on the sponsors you can have. If you don’t have any sponsor, for your family it is a very big effort. Then if you are in an academy or you have a high-level coach that trains with you, expenditure is very high. Not everyone one can afford it.
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