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Paolo Lorenzi: RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

Paolo Lorenzi Tennis Player: Rules of Life

Do you want to know about the latest goals, unknown facts, rules of life, expectations, facts from career of Paolo Lorenzi tennis player, ranked №39 in the World? We gathered the most interesting quotes of the world famous tennis player here!

  • It does not matter that I am so old. I am very happy that I have finally won an ATP trophy. I`m proud to be the first player in 2016 to win both ATP challenger and tour level title.
  • I have to say thanks to my family who have helped me through my career to get where I`m today. My family, my parents, my brother and in the last year my girlfriend have helped me so much.
  • I don’t do a lot of pictures. I think I never asked someone famous for an autograph or selfie but I don’t remember.
  • When I have some free time, I read a lot. I read almost a book a week. And when I have a few days off for a holiday, I always go to the sea with my girlfriend.
  • At the moment, retirement is not something that I have in my head. I feel that I am playing well and I will continue competing as long as I feel that I am competitive and can win. At the least, three years. For that, I remain motivated and I am very happy of what I have achieved in my career. Why can’t I think about achieving 400 or 500 wins? That is the goal that I hope to achieve.
  • I always get on the flight. I never miss it because I’m changing the flight every last second. The good thing, many times I book the flight when I’m in the transportation. So that’s why I was lucky that I didn’t miss it… Many times I have to rush but the good thing is I never miss it.
  • Talking about cooking… That’s also another problem, huh? Because we have many restaurants… I think the last time that I cooked was six, seven years ago. I never cook. I go to the restaurant… I love tortellini so I was cooking tortellini. But I’m not cooking so much.
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  • Once I shared a hotel room with another player. It was in Italy with my friend. Many times he has lived with me during the tournaments… The last time that happened was this year in January.
  • When I was young, my idol was Boris Becker but now I see him at many tournaments with Novak Djokovic… I was watching him many times when I was young. I think the first time I saw him was at Wimbledon.
  • This is a present for me at the age of 34 years and 7 months became the oldest first-time winner of an ATP World Tour event. I don’t look at the age, so I don’t mind if the of win a first-time title on the ATP tour happening at 34.
  • When I was younger, I think the dream was to become No.1 and win a Grand Slam, but of course it’s not so easy and only a few players can do this. But a goal of this year was to win one trophy, so this is great for me.
  • Growing up, I liked Boris Becker because my brother was for Stefan Edberg, so we need to fight each other. I’m not enjoying the tennis like before because now when I see a player, I’m trying to study them. But before, it was Boris.
  • I am very happy to have arrived at 300 wins and now my goal is to achieve 400. I believe that if I remain healthy, it is an objective that I can achieve. I put in a lot of work before the start of the season, putting a lot of emphasis on the physical part and I believe that it has been the key to a good campaign.
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  • One important lose was in Rio when I lost my phone… I was just leaving in the gym and then I went to practice, I went to shower, and then after two and a half hours, I said, “Oh, I forgot the telephone in the gym.” I went there, and they still had it. They put it in a bag, and they gave it back. So I was very lucky.
  • I have great memories of Sao Paulo. I like the city. The last time it was on hard courts and this time it’s on indoor clay, which I prefer.
  • Sometimes being famous helped me. That has happened sometimes in my native city.
  • I think the strengths of my game is my mentality. During the match, I’m just thinking about what I have to do and trying to do my best on every point.
  • Winning one trophy was a goal for this year, so it’s great for me. I hope this is not the last. I’m changing a lot. I need to be more aggressive and improve a lot of things, so this is just the start.
  • I never strung a tennis racquet. I never string. No, never learned. I think it’s hard to do that. No idea.
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