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  • The first time I picked up a racket. I was four or five and I practiced with my father. I was on the tennis courts every day and I played with the clay, so I was always orange.
  • I am trying not to expect too much and just taking my time, doing everything I can.
  • I have small goals and it means that I want to improve every part of my game: techniques, the mentality, the fitness side and then we will see where I will be on the rankings.
  • It’s something that you have inside, the motivation, the fight, and you are trying to never give up.Maybe it’s because our parents had a harsh life.
  • I don’t really like to be recognized, I’m a more private person. That was the most difficult thing after my last Wimbledon.
  • I feel this is something more special, to have Wimbledon, than to be No 1.
  • The tears were the most funny. When I was a kid, my father showed no emotion. And now he was crying … A lot! He was crying on court. He was crying for an hour after the match was over. When I have a good result. Now, he is like that. And now it feels good that he can cry with happiness. It is strange – but good!
  • I will always be the little sister, because my one brother is 36 this year and the other is 33.
  • My father didn’t make the lives of my brothers and me very easy. He pushed us very hard but that’s why I am where I am now.
  • Martina Navratilova was my idol when I was growing up. I loved her because she was also a leftie.
  • I’m not nervous talking English now, after Wimbledon I had a lot of media so I started to speak more.
  • Spellman says: “Petra didn’t want to read Twilight or any of the vampire stuff, she wanted me to find something slightly more romantic as she’s a really girly girl.
  • I think that’s just me, it’s going to be like that, up and down probably, all my career.
  • Sometimes I didn’t even know what the score was. I was just playing – and playing great. I get in the zone and I don’t even need to count the points.
  • It’s the beauty of our sport. You don’t know how it’s going to be the next day or next week. Every week it’s a new challenge. We are finding some form through the year.
  • We all know that I can not play passively. Frantisek sees it the same way. He is trying to push me to be more aggressive.
  • Life has changed and you can’t do anything.
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