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Richard Gasquet: Rules of Life – Tennismood

Richard Gasquet Tennis Player: Best Interview Quotes Ever

Here you will find the list of the most intriguing quotes of Richard Gasquet tennis player, ranked №15 in the World. Follow his Rules of Life, thoughts, useful tips, cherished dreams and a lot of other interesting facts from his everyday life and sporting career!

  • I prefer to be No. 1 than 13 or 14 like two years ago. It is absolutely normal that people expect a lot from me. I have to listen to the criticism when they are right.
  • It was difficult for me after a fantastic match to read in the press that the match was not good to watch, that it was boring, that it was tentative. When I play well, it’s easy. For me, the beautiful matches are those where I don’t play well and I fight until the end.
  • My father had guided me and it is the reason why I had become a tennis player. My parents had managed a tennis club back home in Serignan located in the South of France of the Languedoc Roussillon region. This is where I had spent my childhood and since being the only child, my father had taught me to play tennis from early age. I had started playing from the age of 4 years old and 24 years later I am still very passionate about the game.
  • Richard Gasquet

  • I liked tennis at once. We spend so many hours with my father playing. He was my fist trainer. While teaching me how to play, he also managed to teach me to be confident, patient and strong. The long hours of training led me to the first stunning debut at the ATP tournament in Monte Carlo.
  • I am hardworking, passionate and dedicated to the sport. I have learnt from my mistakes in the past, which helps me to overcome challenges in life and on the court. Your mindset is important in this profession because you have to be completely focused.
  • To win physically you have to win mentally first. It took me years to understand this.
  • Pete Sampras was my role model. He was an American Tennis player and icon in the sport. Pete Sampras was a tennis legend and an inspiration. He was one of the best and worked really hard on the court. He was a very consistent tennis player.
  • Richard Gasquet

  • I am not superstitious. I don’t believe that doing or saying some things can help you to win. I believe in hard work that is all.
  • Keeping your mindset focused is the best way to prepare for any game and to prepare for your competitor. I think that is the best strategy in winning when you focus on doing your best.
  • When I come on court I cannot think about anything else except my tennis. Of course I think about the tournament and about the fans and the competitors and the rating but I don’t allow myself to have all these thoughts during the match. Otherwise, I would not concentrate on my play and I would not win. To learn this was one of the hardest part for me.
  • I think French team has everything to be in semifinals. They are concentrated and talented. They will be the favorite. I follow them a lot. Every day, every time I read something. I’m watching all their matches. Of course, I think they can win the title. They deserve it. They are really close to win it.
  • Richard Gasquet

  • I’d advise juniors to work as hard as possible. This is the first condition. Also, never give up and remain focus on the objective. This is true especially as the game became so competitive over the years. In the meanwhile, they should not forget that tennis is the game even if there is a lot of work behind. It is simply fabulous to play tennis and it must not be forgotten.
  • I decided rather to concentrate on the game and the tactics rather than the work in gym. There are many sportsmen that are stronger than me. But I find a way to beat them with my technics.
  • Sometimes I feel lack of self-confidence. When you see players like Djokovic and Federer you see they are so confident in their shots! That’s what you need in order to be among the best players in the world. And that is what I need to keep working on.
  • Richard Gasquet

  • I want to be able to achieve success on the court without cutting myself off from the rest of the world. Tennis is very important for me but life is much bigger. Top class sportsmen should not live in an isolated world — they should feel concerned by the world that surrounds them and try to help others.
  • I like to play at Wimbledon because the court is fast, I can go to the net, I can serve well, I can do every shot on the court, I’m trained to. I like to play here. The atmosphere is great. I’m happy to play there…
  • I really don’t know if grass is my favorite surface it’s tough to say. I like clay, I like hard courts, it depends which player you have to play against.

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