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Roberta Vinci: Rules of Life – Tennismood

Roberta Vinci Tennis Player: Rules of Life & Best Quotes Ever

Follow & read the Best Rules of Life & Best Quotes of Roberta Vinci Tennis Player, ranked № 8 in the World. Her Goals, Style of a Game, Friends, Childhood, Thought & a lot of others…

  • Unfortunately I don’t have much time to spend it at home with my family and friends. I think that in a year or two I would spend more time just sunbathing in my native town.
  • In my opinion many players do not even understand the importance of a point: while during the relevant moments I am under pressure, and try to keep the concentration, they just hit the ball, “pum”, a winning return.
  • It’s true that I have a different game and cannot do more than that in certain situations, but I think that this is the future: always less tactics and more power, who hits harder wins.
  • As for the top players – I don’t communicate much. It’s difficult to speak to them, they hardly wave at you, while with the others, everything is okay.
  • When I was 13, I went to Rome to train with the federation. From that moment my path was chosen – tennis, tennis, only tennis. I have always been on the court. I missed the chance to be a little girl. Then I realized that I have lost something that would never return. My youth was taken away by the purpose, training and tournaments. I do not have those memories from the childhood that all others have.
  • I think that my tennis is much better then those of many other players. The case is that my style of game reminds a lot of an old school play. I am very proud of that.
  • Tennis needs your self-sacrifice. You can play good tennis but if you want to achieve great results this is the only way.
  • I don’t have any secrets. I just try my best. I try to put all my concentration, experience and power in each match. I train a lot and I do it with great pleasure. I want to get maximum from the rest of my career.
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  • I’m not young, it’s been a lot of years, a lot of stress, and sometimes it’s time to change. But you never know. If at the end I would like to continue, why not? But for sure I don’t want to play more than three or four years. In my mind, I would like to stop.
  • When one is emotionally attached to results that he can’t control, he tends to become anxious, and then try too hard. But one can control the effort he puts into winning. One can always do the best he can at any given moment. Since it is impossible to feel anxiety about an event that one can control, the mere awareness that you are using maximum effort to win each point will carry you past the problem of anxiety.
  • It is normal that fans prefer a younger player to get to the quarterfinal or semifinal. I am not offended. When I am on the court, I am thinking only about my game, not the public, not the crowd.
  • When I was a little bit confused during the match ‘Hit the ball and run’ was on my mind. And ‘Try not to think.’ My coach told me and it always helped not to act nervously.
  • I don’t really think about the place that I take in rating. Right now it is not so much important for me. However, I know that I am quite close to the top-ten. I can’t say if I can get into it. Anyway it is good that I managed to come so close.
  • 4 bandits in NY. I love the city.
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  • I think my style of the game at this time seems quite unique. And I feel this is my trump. I often come up to the net and many short hits. Sometimes it helps me a lot but not all the time. It also depends on my rival. This is the only way I can play. This is my style and I am not going to change it. I even like that I differ so much from all my rivals.
  • The special training system helps me to keep on such a high level and even to progress. My trainer Francesco advised me to increase my training in gym. After that I lost weight and become much stronger.
  • I started to train harder than several years ago. It make my work more consistent. My game has increased, especially forehand, which is now much more dangerous than it used to be before.
  • I have always liked playing football. When a child, I even ran sometimes with the boys in the yard. But my father was afraid that I can get hurt and forbade to play football. That was a big deal for me. I am fan of “Palermo” and the Italian national team. I try not to miss any opportunity to visit a football match. I love it!
  • Tennis is a kind of sport that makes you give everything to it. You have to have regular tennis trainings and to spend hours in gym. You often have to skip your personal life. Tennis becomes your priority and your main aim. But this is not all. You also need to have patience and great willpower to stand when the negative things happen.
  • Most of all I love to spend holidays at home with my family and my lovely cousins.
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  • I have never loved anything so passionately, like tennis. I breathed with it, and always will be. After the career I see myself a coach. I will teach children to hold the racket. I will help them to show their talent.
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