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Roberto Bautista Agut: RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

Roberto Bautista Agut’s Quotes

  • I feel great on the court, and I feel I have a lot of rhythm. I played a lot of matches. So it’s good, no, to win matches and to be with confidence.
  • In tennis you play two months well and then you get good results, and then two months you lose in quarters or semis and nobody hears nothing about you, and then you win two tournaments and everybody starts talking about you.
  • I’m not focused on the numbers, not on the rankings. I like to work well, to think on the things I have to do well every day. That’s the important thing and where I am focused about.
  • I definitely played lot of long matches in the last few years and I’m sure I will continue to play long matches. The thing that I’m working on with my coach is to get better control of the points.
  • It makes me illusion share and live the Games with all the Spanish team with Rafa Nadal, David, and Albert Ramos but makes me special pleasure to play doubles with Ferrer. I’m lucky to share a lot of training with him, I learned a lot and helps me in everything I can. It was a mirror for me and I will have the chance to live the Games and compete together with him.
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  • I’m back with him (with his first coach Pepe Vendrell), I feel great. With him, I had my best results and had my best game. I feel comfortable both inside and outside the court with him.
  • I need to try to play more aggressively and play more inside the court.
  • I didn’t play ever against Rafa. If right now I would have to face the match I would face it in a different way. Perhaps I had some up and downs. I had good moments and not that good moments.
  • I played football until I was 14 years old. After that, I quit it and I switched to tennis.
  • The ASB Classic is a special place for me and I am happy to be coming back, especially after winning the title last year.
  • It wasn’t easy to choose one sport. I was enjoying playing football and I loved playing tennis too. But I had to take a decision, it was you can say 50-50, and I chose tennis.
  • The difference is I won really good matches at the start of the season and I got a lot of confidence. My body is healthy. My body is feeling well. I feel fit. This is one of the big reason that I keep continue playing matches and winning matches.
  • We don’t have grass courts in Spain. I was practicing on clay before go to Netherlands. I like to play from baseline like every Spanish player. I like to play more on slow courts.
  • For all the sportsmen, it’s nice to play in the Olympics.
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  • It was not easy to change from a small field to a big field. When you are 12, 13 in Spain you change. I had to change my friends on the team. I was playing with the people one year older than me and was not easy. I was not feeling well with this team. With tennis I was enjoying. I was playing good. I had to take one sport.
  • We have to live in the present and we have to enjoy it. Spain has 14 players I believe in the top 100. I think that’s the country that has the most players up there in the top 100. They’re doing things well; one of the biggest nations in the world.
  • Being a seeded player in Roland Garros and being able to make it to the semifinals in a tournament like this, it gives my a lot of confidence to keep on playing at this level. Of course not playing against the seeded players first or second round in Grand Slam is a pretty important. levitra online
  • Tennis is a very complete sport. You have to be well mentally, emotionally, physically. It’s very important, as everyone knows. All those aspects are very important.
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