Roger Federer gets his own emojis in new Nike t-shirt line

by: TennisMood March 24, 2016 473

Roger Federer gets his own emojis in new Nike t-shirt line

Roger Federer is ready to be successful with emojis too. The Swiss uses them often on Twitter, for example when he explained how he injured his meniscus after the Australian Open.

So Roger and his management team have thought to launch a new t-shirt collection with emojis about Federer’s life – traveling, playing tennis – and his four children are on the t-shirts too.

“Emojis are a playful way for me to interact with my fans,” Federer says. “These shirts are a really fun way of getting the world of social media into tennis and vice versa. And I’m in the middle of it. I think it’s really interesting and fun because I’m all about connecting with the fans. I want them to have a great time when they interact with tennis, either if they see me practice, see my match, or if I sign autographs and take pictures. If they can connect to me in a way with a shirt, that is great as well. They should know that I’d be very happy if they wear one.”

T-Shirts are already purchasable in the Miami Open site. Price is $30.

Just to give an idea on Federer’s popularity, between July 2014 and July 2015 he earned $58 million from prize money and endorsements.

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