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Rules of Life: Angelique Kerber – Tennismood

Angelique Kerber Tennis Player: Rules of Life & Best Quotes Ever

Get the List of the most interesting Facts, Quotes & Rules of Life of Angelique Kerber Tennis Player, ranked №2 in the World about her dreams, secrets, trumps, family, NY, tennis & much more…

  • The secret of my wins lies in the fact that I learned to relax. Before I come to the court, or even during the competitions, I sometimes relax and do not think about the matches and tennis. This method of relaxation, gives me the strength and energy. At this stage, it seems to me that I have learned to combine career and privacy, without any harm to myself.
  • I’m trying to improve my tennis, improve everything around, and also take a lot of experience.
  • Now I know how to handle the pressure and everything when you win a big tournament. I feel like I need to prove it to everyone. And also when you reach a Grand Slam I think this is the most important thing for me, to handle this, find the way how to do everything.
  • My great love is tennis – that has always been so. Tennis is the most important thing to me right now,I still have time to find a boyfriend, get married and have children. After all if there is one guy out there waiting for me, then we will find each other eventually, without forcing it.
  • If you want it, create it. I worked hard to become a Grand Slam champ. I’m not finished yet.
  • Steffi Graf wrote me actually after my semis that she is proud and she is hopping that I would win the final, wishing me good luck and just enjoy the final. That what she wrote me so I was trying to listen to her.
  • I try to believe much more in myself. When I won against Azarenka, that showed me that I am a really good player and I can show it as well on the big courts.
  • I am certainly not the second Steffi Graf, but I am the first German tennis player that won the “major” after her. Steffi Graf is a true tennis legend and I was always trying to reach her level. She is my idol.
  • One of my main trumps is that I always fight to the last in any situation on the court.
  • You can always be happy traveling the world, meeting new people, visiting amazing places. I obviously sometimes miss my family and being at home, but a tennis player’s career is short so you have to make the most of it when you have the chance.
  • It’s hard to become a champion without hard work, great concentration, determination and dedication on and off-court.
  • The work really pays off. All the work and yes, sweating on practice courts, it comes out and it pays off.
  • The single life is “unfortunately” a price of success.
  • Okay,I broke her before few times, so you can do it again, – so I was just telling myself when Serena was serving, “Just play point by point”.
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