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Sam Querrey: RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

Sam Querrey’s Quotes

  • I am happy with my decision. All my friends would change whatever they`re doing to do what I`m doing.
  • My dad told me to take the shot and while it`s there – do my best. I think he regrets not taking a chance when he had it.
  • I hope tennis keeps growing. Great sport. I mean, I want it to do well, and so I hope it keeps growing.
  • With every game that passed by I grew more confident. When I was in trouble, I wanted to make sure I got the ball back in the court and just reset.
  • You just have to keep winning. That’s the only way.
  • Happy to have my family on the road with me.
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  • You kind of realize tennis is your life now. The moment I turned pro, my whole mentality when I was practicing changed. I became more focused. I started working out harder.
  • Sports are intense. I probably could be more focused and intense and fired up, but that’s not my personality.
  • It feels good to get through that (five sets). I’m hoping to just play better as I go on.
  • I run a lot for fitness. That’s the majority of my fitness. Off-court fitness is running, but I have no interest in running a marathon.
  • Win or lose, it’s pretty incredible.Whether I win or lose matches, I just want to improve.
  • I don’t overthink things in my life. I don’t stress out. I’m keeping the thoughts pretty simple on the sideline. I keep reminding myself how fun it is out there.
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  • I’m not really mentally together. For the most part, I’m calm on the court and that’s helped me, but also hurt me.
  • I don’t necessarily think [tennis] should be an Olympic sport.
  • For tennis and golf, the Olympics isn’t a top priority. We have four other Grand Slams. I think those kind of take the precedent. Those are the main focus for us.
  • Some people kind of make it seem like 80 percent of the athletes are going to get Zika virus. But I mean, it’s definitely a concern, and these guys have the right to pull out if they don’t feel like it’s safe.
  • Louis Armstrong is my favorite court in the world. I love playing out there. People are down close and, you know, I’m always excited when I play out there.
  • My life is awesome. I get to go around and play tennis and visit fun places. I have great friends, a great girlfriend and at the end of the day it’s just a tennis match.
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  • Beating the world No. 1 at Wimbledon is one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. I’ve played here nine times!
  • US Open is where your career is made or missed.
  • I’ve been Top 20 a handful of times. For tennis fans, they know who I am and I’ve had good results for 8 years. But for general sports fans who only really watch Grand Slams, I feel like for them I was the new guy who came on and beat Novak. I just hope there are more moments like that.
  • I’m just hoping to keep my momentum for the U. S. Open.
  • I hope they(people) say: “Hey look what he`s done for 10 years. He`s put together a solid career’.
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  • Free time in Madrid means spending some time at a Bull Fight!
  • When in Rome, do as the other tourists in Rome do!
  • No better way for me to return to Facebook, than with a throwback!
  • My coach, Craig Boynton, is very good at getting it through my head. It’s about the process of getting better and improving. I hope for the next four or five years I can continue to improve my tennis.
  • You have a fresh start every week. You can’t let a loss linger and stay with you. It’s just a loss.
  • My advice to guys is to try to put your head down and battle through futures and challengers as quick as you can. The quicker you can get through those I think the easier it is.
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