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Sara Errani: RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

Sara Errani’s Quotes

  • This is sport – sometimes you try and you lose. I realized I couldn’t do anything out there, but it was important to stay there [at the French Open)] and keep trying. I tried until the last point, but there was just nothing I could do against Serena.
  • If I decide to play, I play 100 per cent both. I don’t care if I have to play a singles final tomorrow and I stay two hours on court for doubles. I love doubles and have fun playing it.
  • The only thing I know is that I was ready to suffer, to stay on the court also in bad moments, or when I was not playing really good and just stay there. This is my mentally always. I know that doesn’t matter if you play good, bad, or whatever. Just the more important thing is just to stay there and try your best.
  • I know that won every match is difficult. First round, second round, is very difficult to win matches. All the players are very strong. So is not easy. I just try to stay there and try to do my best and see at the end of every year what I have reached.
  • Never stop fighting and never stop to compete...point after point and game after game. Just think win next point…then the other one…I’m not thinking when I’m trailing oh God I have to win two sets…no…Just point after point…it’s not so simple I know :)) but this is the way…also I think you have to be good to maintain lucidity when the match is really contended… Follow your plan that you’ve made with your coach…and you have to control the game and not let the game control you.
  • Sport is the best thing on earth…never stop to do that… the key is doing that all days…even in a short term but doing all days…it will help you a lot during all your life…and sport is a good teacher in life.
  • My best result is to know that I`ve done the best I could. I`ve never particularly focused on numbers or on the ranking…
  • There is always room for improvement. You always have to keep working on every aspect of your game. The WTA tour constantly evolves and renovates itself. Every player is in constant improvement and the level gets higher every year. To keep yourself up to speed you have to train harder and harder, be fitter and stronger. I`m still trying to improve many things in my game.
  • Sara Errani quotes about life and sport

  • My goal has always been to train as hard and as effectively as I could and to give all I have in every single match. To be the best player I can be in that particular day.
  • I don’t like to put numbers to my goals. The most important thing is to train well and do my best.
  • Even if you are talented, without training – without any hard work – you’re not going anywhere.
  • It was quite hard (when a child, she went to the Nick Bolletieri Tennis Academy in Florida. There she was the youngest player who was without parents). I was crying nearly every day, but I didn’t say a word to mum and dad, because I knew my family was making an effort and I didn’t want to fail.
  • I prefer the playing style of the men: the women’s style is repetitive, boring.
  • We are part of a sport that wants to be as clear as possible and the best solution is to disqualify those who cheat.
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  • I love tennis, I love playing, when I’m on the court I’m happy so even if it’s tough it’s always beautiful. I think also doubles helped me discover new aspects of tennis, and grow my tennis.
  • I was born being competitive: as a child, when I didn’t win, I got very angry. For that reason as well, it was rare to have friends in tennis.
  • I want to dedicate this victory (she won her 2nd WTA title, in Portoroz in 2008) to all the Italians that never believed in me as a tennis player, and always said I would never go anywhere.
  • I feel very lucky to have around me people very humble and simple like me…and I feel blessed to have realized my childhood dream… so never forgot about it.
  • I feel very happy because it’s not easy in an individual sport to find a girl that sometimes has to play against you so lovely, generous and so helpful for me…I think we are a fantastic team (about her friendship with Roberta Vinci).
  • Being close friends help us (about Roberta Vinci) a lot in the court. She’s absolutely my best friend…when I’m down she help me, and when she’s down I help her. We trust each other, we help each other, and we stay together every day in every tournament, with our coaches and their families.
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  • It’s the biggest title that I won in my life so I’m really happy for sure [about her title at the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships].
  • I have to compensate with other weapons. I will never have a 180 km\h serve, so my goal is to make points with other weapons. I love the tactics of the game, I talk with my coach a lot before the match about tactics and what to do.
  • So many people write horrible things, without any reasoning behind it… I simply do not bother with such people, because it would result in wasting time that I can spend for my true fans. I often receive emails and letters from all over the world, which makes me feel proud and honored. I am happy about what I have done and still doing in my career.
  • Sara Errani quotes about life

  • I’m not working with a psychologist, but I talk every day with my coach and my team, especially with my coach. We talk regarding everything every day, and this helps us to learn each other.
  • I want to be a role model for children. I always try to be nice to everyone and be a positive example. I always receive congratulations and I appreciate that. I want to make my friends and family proud of my achievements.
  • I do a lot of abdominal work and a lot of stretching… And also feel very comfortable with the rubber band…I use it very often especially for warming up before matches… I’ve not a routine but just doing all the stuff I need for feeling very comfortable.
  • When I am in Spain or in Italy with my parents, I am a massively lazy person who loves to lie on the couch.
  • It’s very important for me to be good physically. I need to run a lot every time, so I have to recover…also for your mind, be good physically, it’s very important.
  • I don’t have a special diet but obviously I pay a lot of attention with the food… Breakfast i love eggs and orange juice, I eat a lot of pasta (love it) especially during lunch…dinner I prefer rice, chicken or fish…During the day I usually eat some fruits along with energetic drinks. It’s hard to stay away from Nutella and pizza but I try to do my best.
  • When I am playing tournaments, I spend my free time listening to music or going shopping.
  • I prefer to keep my private life personal. I have never liked interviews, or many attentions, even though some situations can be fun and I enjoyed them. Two years ago I shot an advertisement for SuperTennis and I hope there will be more to follow in the future, for example. But to me, interviews are fun as long as my private life does not take a big part.
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