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Simona Halep: Rules of Life – Tennismood
  • I’m just keeping an eye on my health and on enjoying playing.
  • I like to be a little creative on the court. I don’t have like a plan and I have to play like this all the match. I’m changing if I see that it’s not working.
  • I love the game and I do not feel that I have sacrificed anything. On the contrary I feel privileged to do something that I love.
  • I’m a good worker, I want to be focused on what I have to do! But I can relax myselve a little bit because I have to enjoy the life not just on court, I have to do something also off court.
  • You get the confidence with matches and victories.
  • Serena is winning everything and we were thinking that we could not beat her. I beat once, so it’s possible to repeat it.
  • I consider myself 100% a product of the Romanian tennis because until February this year I was coached only by Romanians. Definitely my next coach will be Romanian. I want to work again with a Romanian, I feel well and he have similar mentality. From what I’ve realized this year, coaches from abroad have different mentality and I like to have next to me a person who thinks almost like me.
  • Sometimes if you push yourself more and you stay there to fight for every ball, you can finish it(the match).
  • It’s very difficult to make predictions, I have just to think about my tennis and game by game.
  • I’m pretty picky as a player and for a coach it’s difficult sometimes. This year(2016) we didn’t talk much before the matches, I wanted to be alone, I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but I had results.
  • I play aggressive. I like to open the court. I like to take the ball fast. If I do one step behind the baseline, I am lost. It’s not easy for me to play from there.
  • I still dream for many things in this life and in this career, because I have many years to go, and so if I lost today, it doesn’t mean that I cannot play anymore or I don’t win any more matches. I just want to take the decision to see what I did wrong, what I have to do better.
  • For me, it is important a coach to be a good pedagogue, to understand my way of being.
  • It’s a tricky thing winning so many matches. On one hand, it arms you with immense confidence but on the other, it brings along huge pressure of expectation.
  • The WTA facilitates us in everything. I try to live it all with laxity and peace of mind, knowing that all this is good for tennis.
  • In Romania we have one mentality and it’s very tough for a player to understand other mentalities in other countries. So I prefer to stay with my Romanian guys and sometimes when I feel that I need help I can call every coach who is available and to work with them.
  • Everywhere I go I have many Romanians supporting me. I can say it’s amazing, because, you know, I can hear my name on court. It gives me more power and more, you know, power to fight and to win a match.
  • The key is always being positive, no matter what happens.
  • I worked a lot on my serve. I received critics on that and it made me prepare even better. I improved all my shots, my movement on court, I’m trying to play what my body allows, my height.
  • Many people were telling me that I’m too small, and it’s really tough to be like a professional tennis player.But I didn’t trust them. So I was working very hard, and I had good examples. Justine as well. So I did great, I think.
  • Before the matches I stay with my team, I’m never alone. Every time I have nerves, but without them I don’t think I would have my fighting spirit. I try to smile, joke, often listen music.
  • I’m going to enjoy right now as much as I can. Yeah, I missed a few years, and it’s unfortunate. I feel like I missed my best years, for sure. There is nothing I can do right now. Just enjoying right now where I am.
  • The important thing is to go on the court and give 100% every day, both in the game and in training.
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