Sugarpova Chocolate Flavour to go on Sale in May in Spite of Sharapova

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Sugarpova Chocolate Flavour to go on Sale in May in Spite of Sharapova

It is not known when Maria Sharapova will be back on the tennis court. But the Russian’s candy company Sugarpova will launch its chocolate flavour candy in May

The company that is producing the chocolate flavour says it will go ahead and produce the chocolate flavoured candy for Sharapova’s company as they believe the Russian superstar made an honest mistake. Sharapova announced earlier this week that she was notified by the ITF that she had failed a doping test at the Australian Open, testing positive for the banned substance meldonium. The Russian admitted that she had been taking the drug for over a decade but did not know that it had been added to WADA’s prohibited substance list in January.

Speaking to the Guardian, Christopher Mattina, Baron Chocolatier’s Senior Vice-President said, “Maria has been a role model for millions of people and she is a woman of integrity. We think she made an honest mistake and she deserves credit for being open and direct about it. We hope she will be allowed to play tennis again but no matter what, we are proud to stand by Maria and to support her in this venture.”

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While some companies, including NIKE and Porsche have suspended their contracts with the Russian, others like HEAD and Supergoop, have stood by the Russian. Sharapova could face up to a four year ban for the failed drug test but her lawyers will be hoping to get a reduced sentence due to the mitigating circumstances and could aim for a suspended sentence for up to a year or less.

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