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Svetlana Kuznetsova: RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

Svetlana Kuznetsova’s Quotes

  • Something changed this year(2016). I just enjoy the game, I enjoy the crowd, and I enjoy playing the best players in the world.
  • In tennis, you don’t need much. Just lose one game and everything may go wrong.
  • I try to hit as much as possible to get used to the courts, because it takes me awhile, so that’s what I’m focused on!
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  • I think a couple of years ago I was just done with the goals, you know. My main goal is just to keep improving, to come to play tournaments, being ready.
  • When I go and see the rankings, I am confident in myself that I can beat any players from top 10. I can beat basically most of the top players.
  • When you get frustrated you get very mad and sometimes you don’t have to let yourself get mad.
  • We look at other countries and they have it so easy. In Britain, the first girl who hits two balls in, they give her everything. In Russia, to be a star you have to be in the top ten. Nobody knows you if you are not, so your goals must always be very high.
  • When I go to Russia I feel like I’m flying, I really do. It’s unbelievable, I cannot explain this feeling. If there is a chance of Russian company, I always take it. I love to hear Russian people talk, and when I am there, to go to the market and buy Russian food. I have an apartment in Monte Carlo, and a place in Spain, but I want also to buy an apartment in Moscow. I miss my country so much, and every time I do a good job my coach says ‘go to Moscow’. He knows how important it is to me. When I was younger, in Spain, I used to count the hours to get back to Moscow. Now I do not. This is my life. And I don’t know if I can be 12 months of the year there. But I am, how to say it, sick about Russia.
  • I have big respect for African (-American) people. I think I was black in a past life, because I feel so much for African culture. I tell Serena that I want her hair, to have corn rows like her. She laughs at me. She says we all wish for what we don’t have. But she teaches me some slang, and shows me dance moves. I can’t shake my body like African people.
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  • I will do something with tennis after I stop playing, helping and developing young kids to play, passing my experience to them, helping them out. I think I have a good potential in that, as well. Something to do with tennis.
  • I’m not about to do my collection of clothes, but those commercial things can help tennis. In Russia tennis started to grow after Boris Yeltson came in, because he liked it so much and helped it a lot. Then along came Kournikova and made tennis even more popular. That was great. Also, it is hard, when you come from nothing, like all the Russian players, and then become a king or a princess…
  • The cooperation between a sportswoman and her coach is similar in a way to the relationship between a girl and a guy. Both feel it when there’s a rift, and the relationship comes to an end.
  • It makes me sad to think I won’t be playing and competing, but it makes me happy I will sleep more than a month in a row in my bed and see my dog every day and my friends and I won’t miss any more the birthdays and weddings and stuff like that.
  • First of all, a man has to have a core, I love people that are true to their word. He needs to be loyal to me. And he must be honest. Of course, anything can happen in life, but I think that only a Russian man can truly understand me. I’m not likely to marry a foreigner.
  • When you get older you get more mature and you can find not only negative things, but also positive.
  • To go to the limit, you need to push yourself hard.
  • Tennis is really individual sport and we really taking care of business and staying within our teams.
  • When I go on the court, I try never remember the head-to-head. That’s my key.
  • I feel good. I feel confident. I feel much better in my movement, in my head mentally, in my game. It’s important, you know, to be confident.
  • I just want to enjoy every match. That was my goal for the year, and I don’t care about anything else.(May,2016)
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  • I just see how much I can gain. I play good against top players, and that’s what matters for me. I just see a lot ahead of me, lots of opportunities. So I’m looking forward to that.
  • I wish to stay more home. That would be my first reason to quit, stay home a little bit more. But I would like to play long, but I don’t know for how long.
  • I’m much more mature. Yeah, I try not to repeat mistakes of the past.
  • Russia is producing so many top players because we are very mentally tough. That’s my thing. Because nobody helps us. Like in another Federations, I give you example, like I never had clothes deal. I was No. 1 junior, I was top 10, I didn’t have deal. Nobody is interested in Russian. Everybody interested in American, Canadian, French. We have to go through difficult times no matter what. Nobody except our family would help us. We go through difficult times, but then we’re mentally tough.
  • I really love the game and I enjoy playing big stages, big tournaments. When I do great, it comes smoother everything and better and easier.
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