Cutest OR Coolest Tennis Dads?! Best photos of tennis players and their children – Enjoy!

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Cutest OR Coolest Tennis Dads?! Best photos of tennis players and their children – Enjoy!

-What can be cuter than photos of tennis fathers and their adorable children?
-We have no idea…
-That’s why scroll down and fully enjoy these perfect men and babies pictures!
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1. Paul-Henri Mathieu and son Gabriel

  • Tennis player Paul-Henri Mathieu, nicknamed “Paulo” and also often affectionately known by his initials, PHM, today will head our tennis players and their children list of lucky fathers. Ranked 99 and aged 35, this well-liked player despite his inconsistent career results, continues to gain in popularity with his extremely nice father-son photos!
  • On the 11 of March 2012, Paul-Henri Mathieu’s wife, Quiterie Camus, gave birth to their first child, son Gabriel. On 10 September 2016 the tennisman married the mother of his beloved son,Gabriel.
  • And now enjoy some adorable photos from Paul-Henri Mathieu’s Instagram profile:

    photo paul henri mathieu gabriel son

    “Some rest ❤️😴✨ #repos#reallife #bonheur #happyness”

    Paul-Henri Mathieu and son Gabriel on the island of Mauritius 🙂👪 ☀️🌴 ❤️

    2. Janko Tipsarevic and his daughter, princess Emili .

  • Former tennis Top-10 player Janko Tipsarevic, ranked 95 and aged 32 now became a daddy on 18 January 2014.
  • Beeing a lucky father, Tipsarevic is constantly posting on Instagram fantastic photos of him and Emili together.
  • Experience the enjoyment of these Janko Tipsarevic baby-father photos together with us:

    Feeling overwhelmed with emotions ,Tipsarevic posted the following messages on his Twitter account and Facebook page:
    “January 18th – Became a daddy last night…🙃👍”
    “January 21st – Brought my 2 girls home from the hospital…Emili was sleeping so I didn’t want to wake her up…👨‍👩‍👧😌”

    “I told you BARBECUE for lunch! Move that baby food from my face🍗😱🍵”

    “Aww…Look at that angel face😇😍”

    “First driving lesson🏎”

    Janko Tipsarevic and daughter on court.🎾👧

    “Looks almost like daddy.😄👹😆”

    “Morning all…🛁💦”

    3. Malek Jaziri and son Malek

  • Nicknamed “Jazz”, Tunisia’s tennis star, Malek Jaziri became a father on 11 May 2016 as his wife Jihene gave birth to their son, who has been named Malek.
  • “I’m happy to have my first child 12 days ago, it’s more responsibility and more motivation,” recent tennis dad, aged 32 commented on his new status in the interview on 25 May 2016.
  • The Best Malek Jaziri’s Instagram Photo Ever!
    “❤️Happy to be back home #family #bizerte #tunisia ❤️🇹🇳👌🏼”
  • 4. Gilles Simon and his two sons: Timothée and Valentin

  • Together with his beloved wife Carine Lauret, Gilles Simon, aged 32 and ranked 25 is now a father of two sons: Timothée and Valentin. Timothée was born four weeks prematurely, while Simon was competing in the 2010 US Open. Valentin, their another son, was born in 2013.
  • He’s seems like he is a great dad, as he keeps a watchful eye on his son to make sure he is safe all the time they are together. Enjoy these cute photos!

  • Cute Gilles Simon and baby.

    Gilles Simon and wife, Carine Lauret.

    Gilles Simon and family at the BNP Paribas Open.

    Carine Lauret and Gilles Simon family photo with their sons Timothée and Valentin, photographer Corinne Dubreuil.

    5.Boris Becker and his four children

  • A redheaded phenomenon, Boris Becker will conclude our 1st Part of “Tennis Players And Their Children” list.
  • During his 16 years as a pro he was in the world Top Ten 11 times and three times at No. 2. This big man (6-foot-3, 180) played a big, carefree game of booming serves, heavy forehand, penetrating volleys and diving saves, he was an immediate crowd favorite and highly attractive to women as well.
  • Nowadays Boris Becker has his large beautiful family, who are likely to draw strength from unity.

    Boris Becker walks with son Amadeus: “Sunday’s father-son time…”

    “My youngest says peace/love/happiness for 2017…”

    Boris Becker’s daughter model, Anna Ermakova, born on 22 March 2000, became famous before she could even walk! But not only her superstar father and the circumstance of her birth helped that. Boris Becker’s love child stepped on to the catwalk at Berlin and turned heads with her looks. Who knows, maybe one day this hot baby will become the World’s Top Model.

    Anna Ermakova has siblings: Elias Balthasar Becker, born on 4 September 1999 (aged 17 years), Amadeus Benedict Edley Luis Becker, born on 9 February 2010 (aged 7 years)and Noah Gabriel Becker, born on 18 February 1994 (aged 23 years)

    Lilly, Boris and their three sons: Noah, Amadeus and Elias.

    Boris Becker spends the day on the beach with his three sons, Noah, Elias and Amadeus as they prepare to ring in the New Year.

    The debonair star, Noah Gabriel Becker, who is now a musician in Germany, is eldest child of former tennis star Boris from his first marriage to model Barbara Becker.
    Noah, named after his parents’ friends Yannick Noah and Peter Gabriel.

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