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Timea Babos: RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

Timea Babos’ Quotes

  • It’s better than at home (to live and play in England) because there I can’t really practice with too many people as all the good Hungarians are practicing abroad, we are not at a big center where everyone can practice together so that’s a bit bad.
  • Earlier this year, I did not think that I can be so easily advance for the Olympics, I will not have to fight to the last moments, as a top 50 player I will reach the qualification. I had great memories in London and Singapore Olympics! Especially in London, where I was at the Opening Ceremony, and in the first line. And there was the Olympic village, I meet and got to know other athletes. This is a very good thing, because tennis is a kind of “lonely” sport. I’m really glad that I could be in Rio!
  • The European Championship victory I remember very precisely, because I began the tournament with a serious ankle injury. But as the matches progressed, I was getting better and better. And I managed to win the whole event!
  • It is very difficult to switch to the adult field. The mentality is completely different, the playing style is completely different. The level is much more balanced, the difference is much less between the players. I have been a member of the top100 in singles and top 10 in doubles, for a while. But I constantly feel the pressure. This is an absolute difference, from the junior events.
  • It is difficult to play every week with somebody else. Constantly I had to get used to each other, to adapt to her needs. It was not easy at first … The required large and important step occurred last year when I started to play with Kristina. Fortunately, the results also prove this!
  • Our styles (about his partner Kristina Mladenovic) complement each other well! And when one of us has a low point, the other can help her, pull the level to the top. We understand well each other, we can fight well together.
  • Everyone needed a great determination and workload, to be amongst the top players in singles or in doubles. In addition, you need a good vision on the court, just as quick response. And a good net game is an essential element of this game in doubles.
  • My latest results are the result of the work I put together in the past two years, I’d say since 2014 Indian Wells, when I changed my coach, but also my fitness coach and we’ve been working very hard on my tennis and the combination with physical. It is not easy to make another step when you are 10 in doubles and 80 in singles, because so many times I wanted to play different tournaments in singles and doubles.
  • I work a lot in general and I am known for this on the tour that I am always on court and practice a lot, so this is one part. The other part is that I enjoy all of this better and I handle the pressure a lot better too, I started to work with a psychological team in November and they are helping me a lot. Everything is getting together and I am getting more mature, so it is a combination of everything.
  • The fact that it is played indoor helps my serve and I am an aggressive player so that helps a lot, but with the movement it still needs some adjustments, though I grew up on clay and I like clay, but I need some adjustments to get used to the surface.
  • I am very happy that I could break the ice. We worked a lot with Thomas (his coach) every day, and I feel like I am getting better. Obviously, it is hard to go to the court after all those lost matches and to believe in myself, but I will do everything to perform better.
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  • This year I was looking for clay more, because I had some good results so far and I improved my rankings a lot and in here I came as a last minute player and I am trying to have fun.
  • There’s a place to improve. With the movement, it still needs some adjustment. Although I grew up on clay, and I like clay, so there is no problem, but I need more time to get used to the movement.
  • My Dad is my coach, he still works with me and of course he wants to see me, how I am playing and how I am improving.
  • I’m here mostly to play on hard courts and to practice with people, I can always change my partners so that why.
  • I owe a lot to my family! They supported and belived in me throughout the years! I had difficult moments many times, but they are always standing by me!!! Sometimes it is incredible to me that I came this far from Sopron, from such a small town! Uplifting feeling, a big thank for helping!
  • I am very happy with this (he got the title ‘Athlete of February’), because this is not a professional’s prize but the fan’s. I just begin to realize, that now more and more people are at home is considered a big deal that I got in among the top70, so far, and I felt it rather provoked recognition abroad. I must deal with this sort of popularity, but I thank this to fans.
  • My huge breakthrough year in singles was in 2012, when I won my first WTA title, and then the next year and a half was very difficult. But in the last year or two I’ve really been improving – you can see it in the doubles especially – but I’ve been working really hard to get back to a better level again, and this week is definitely a big one for me, winning here.
  • I’m improving with each practice. Hopefully next year I can win even bigger matches and trophies.
  • I am supposedly a very good driver. At home, when we have the F1. Hungary is small and everyone knows everyone and I am the only tennis player so this gives me some open doors. But I really really really like driving and also, I am sponsored by Mazda and there’s a new MX5 cabrio coming out in the summer, and I am the test driver for it.
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