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Timea Bacsinszky: Rules of Life – Tennismood

Timea Bacsinszky: Best Quotes & Useful Tips

Get all the Inspirational Rules of Life, Latest Goals and useful Tips for every day from Timea Bacsinszky, a Swiss professional tennis player!

  • You should be honest with yourself, unless you have lack of professionalism.
  • Today I try to enjoy each moment consciously. In the past, I was sometimes afraid of walking out onto the court and just did everything automatically – I just functioned.
  • I hate being at home, as it is a kind of being in a prison for me.
  • A mistake to be an athlete as I was before: stop thinking and just do what you pushed for.
  • I am my own boss, it’s my own life. It was quite difficult for me earlier to understand that.
  • It doesn’t matter who I play against. As soon as I enter the field, my thoughts are focused on finding solutions to defeat my opponent. In the end, we are all equal once on the court.
  • Small tournaments are quite important. It doesn’t matter, that I returned to small ones, as they give a chance to develop myself.
  • It is never late to search yourself!
  • It is important to realize, why are you going in for sports. It’s one thing to want celebrity, money, all the shiny stuff, but I wasn’t a happy person. I was hiding from reality.
  • Tennis was my best opportunity for defiance and independence. On the tennis court, I knew that no one had that power on me.
  • You should take time out of tennis. I didn’t do it, that’s why my childhood and adolescence were stolen.
  • Devote your time to other career opportunities, if you are not sure in your sports future.
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