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Tomas Berdych: RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

Tomas Berdych Tennis Player: Best Interview Quotes Ever

  • The perfect word for tennis is “adjustment”. It’s about being flexible and listening to your body. You have days when you feel good and can cut the tennis session a little bit, do more fitness. Or sometimes it’s the other way around. It’s those adjustments and reacting to how you feel.
  • People know tennis players can run, but I think more impressive is how fast they can stop. People see the guy run to the ball and hit it, then they look at the ball. They don’t see him get back to position in less than a second.
  • What helped me get through all those years, those thousands of hours of practice, of losing matches – because it’s easy when you keep winning, but no one’s ever done that – I find it’s about having goals. Whether they’re short-term or long-term, they’re all part of it and that’s something that really got me through my career.
  • I can see positive signs, especially in my losses. Firstly, there is a big change in terms of how to approach the game with various plans. Also, what are the things I have to keep improving on and to be able to do that for the entire match to win? I can see all those things. It’s just a matter of time, especially time on the practice courts.
  • At 30, I have come to a stage in my career where physical training is not necessarily about spending four hours on the track running or in the gym lifting weights. It’s all about looking into the small details where I can get an edge here or there.
  • My fitness regime does not include a 10-mile run; it’s more an interval session. There are specific movements that simulate the things you do on court, which you do without the opponent and without a ball. Short changes of direction, which are very specific to tennis.
  • Weight-wise I like to stay around 95 kilograms. A few years ago I went down closer to 90 and didn’t have the same endurance. Invariably I began to feel weak in the longer matches and couldn’t last more than two hours.
  • People ask if I’m better player than when I got to the final in 2010, and I definitely say that I am now. Those changes I’ve been through. But the general level of tennis went up again, so if you want to be competitive you need to raise your level every day.
  • I have always hit the ball very hard and flat, and I think my build has a lot to do with adopting that style.
  • I wouldn’t really say I have one style off court and that’s it – I really like trying to find the style for the occasion. Off court I like to be very clean and simple.
  • I can confidently say that I’ll never get a tattoo because I am petrified of any kind of needle. The thought of having somebody working on me for a couple of hours is the sort of thing I have nightmares about and even the thought of somebody digging a needle into my body makes me cringe.
  • I’ve started to be more interested in nutrition. I approached a nutritionist and we’ve worked on a plan. It’s strict. You have some things where you do the tests and you find what your body’s intolerances are, so you avoid those things. So I’m trying to be really strict with it.
  • You should never thought for a second ‘the weather is awful I’m staying in and not practice today’. You can have that thought but at the end of the day, you have to go there. It’s just easier that you’re focused on that ‘okay I’m going to go there, I’m going to try to use it as much as I can’. You have to make that effort, that’s what makes you stronger for the future.
  • It is very important that we are pretty good in combining our ideas with my wife. What’s good is that it’s never she’s saying white and I’m saying black. We’re pretty much on the same line with whatever we want to do and how we want to do it.
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