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Vasek Pospisil: Rules of Life – Tennismood

Vasek Pospisil Tennis Player: Rules of Life & Best Quotes

We gathered all the latest goals and achievements of Vasek Pospisil Tennis Player, a career-high world singles ranking of 25 and No. 4 in doubles. Everything you wanted to know about dreams, rules of life, family and tennis idols of Canadian World No.2 male ranked player!

    • I started playing tennis at age of 5.
    • My favourite surface is hard court. For me, it’s good because I grew up on hard-court. I feel like it’s actually just the easiest on my body because I feel like I know how to move on it.
    • I enjoy listening to music and hanging out with friends and family.
    • When I was a kid I was so excited to finally get the chance to play. Obviously, having two older brothers whom I looked up to, I wanted to do what they were doing and, since they played tennis, I wanted to play tennis.
    • I trained in Prostejov, Czech Republic, from 15 to 18.
    • My nickname is Vashy.
    • Right from the beginning I fell in love with the sport. I was simply happy to be on a tennis court.
    • I speak English, Czech and French.
    • Throughout my childhood, I played many different sports. I played tons of soccer, basketball, ping pong, and would often go and play road hockey.

Vasek Pospisil Tennis Player

    • My mom texts me before every match.
    • My parents have made a lot of sacrifices for me, everyone in my family did, and it’s great to see that being rewarded, especially everything my dad did for me. It’s nice now to see them really enjoying the moment of me playing well.
    • When I was a kid, in summers, we stayed in Vernon and played on the decaying high school courts next to our house. It was normal for highschoolers to heckle me and my brothers as we played.
    • My favourite music is indie and alternative.
    • At the age of 6 I played my first tournament (a 12 and under category) and, to our delight, ended up winning the whole thing. I shouldn’t brag too much because I played against a little girl in the semis and the tournament didn’t really have enough kids to even make younger categories.
    • I like coconut yogurt.
    • The general theme is to be more aggressive. I’m making my way toward the net, improving my volleys, to finish the point at the net quicker.
    • My childhood idol was Maria Sharapova and Patrick Rafter.
    • My favourite Actor is Leonardo DiCaprio.
    • My parents immigrated from the Czech Republic.
    • By the time I was 9 years old, I won the 9 and under Little Mo US Nationals held in San Diego (back then Canadians were able to play US national events). This was a monumental victory for us as the dream of being a professional tennis player became more serious, and our trips to Kelowna in the winter perhaps more frequent.


    • Because of the mononucleosis I completely cut out any and all junk food. I don’t drink anything other than water and cononut water (occasionally a diet coke but it’s all good.. zero calories :)). I stopped eating deep fried food, burgers, pizza, chinese, etc.
    • I love music, and I`m a very big fan of acoustic guitars.

Vasek Pospisil Tennis Player Canada

    • My favourite tournament is US Open.
    • Just to see tennis grow in Canada is really fulfilling … because it’s something that I’ve done my whole life.
    • My fitness trainers are Cassiano Costa and Jamie Allen.
    • Must love dogs! I grew up with two retrievers, Majka & Sunny.


    • I`m also the spokesman for National Bank’s On the Ball program, which encourages tennis clubs to gather used balls for the bottoms of school chairs. It’s such a great initiative. I just know when I was a kid how noisy the classrooms were and it’s so hard to concentrate when anybody would move. To have that idea to put tennis balls on the bottoms of chairs is really great. It’s something any school could use.
    • My idols growing up were Pat Rafter and Roger Federer.
    • There`s a fanbase catchphrase “Anything is Pospisil”.
    • The main goal for me is to improve and keep getting better now, and I’ve just kind of put my attention away from the outcome — the goals and results of tournaments — and focus on developing my game because I feel like if I keep improving, the results will come by themselves.
    • My main goal in tennis is to be a consistent Top 30 player.
    • My father loved sports and was an all around athlete himself back in Czech Republic, where he and my mother both played recreational tennis among many other sports.


    • Any week you play is an opportunity to get a lot of points and have a great week.
    • I use doubles to help my singles game, but singles come first.
    • My coach Frédéric Fontang thinks I eat too much sushi.
    • When is the last time I had no issues? Well, Wimbledon, I guess, after the first round until the fourth, then I had an issue again (smiling).
    • I absolutely love Chipotle.

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