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Yaroslava Shvedova: RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

Yaroslava Shvedova’s Quotes

  • Just to keep myself together, and stay fit. I started well this year (2015), but I had some mental problems last year. I felt I overplayed and was tired of tennis, but I had a very good break and practice. I had some good results in Australia before my injury, so I hope I can reach the top again and improve my best ranking.
  • It’s our first tournament together (with Casey Dellacqua), and we hope to play a few more together on the clay and see how it goes. Maybe we can continue to play together, but it’s nice to win some good matches for the first time we play together. It’s going really well on court. It feels like we have played together for a long time, and have good chemistry. We are feeling each other on court really well and overall it’s been good.
  • It brings positive thoughts when I think of it, and it’s nice they took my racket to the museum at Wimbledon to commemorate it. I went to check if it’s still there, and it still is. It’s good that my name is now remembered in tennis history.
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  • I was feeling good and happy to play because I had some issues with my wrist this year. I was happy to play because they were telling me I needed surgery, so I am glad to be back on tour so I can play and win some matches.
  • I like to play on clay and have done very well on it. I just played in Bogota and made in the final, and played some very good matches there. Here I was struggling, because of the changes in altitude and timing, but I will try stay on clay for as long as possible. I feel I am a good player on clay and I enjoy playing on it. Hopefully I can win some matches and get my ranking back.
  • I have one more coach helping me, so I am building up my team and finding better team members so I can improve my game and body. I know what I need to do, so now I just need to make it.
  • It has been incredible to be here (about the Olympics in London). It’s like a dream! It’s been very special to be here with all the athletes from all over the world. For me it’s very important to represent my country at the Olympics. I love to play in the team competitions. On the court it’s still up to each player so not too different to what we’re used to, but it’s nice and fun to do well for your country.
  • I am the only woman in the open era to do it (she achieved a Golden Set in 2012) for now, so I hold the record. We will see if someone can beat it in the future which would be nice to see. But I still enjoy it because people keep asking me, and reminding me about it. Even today it’s twice that someone remembered it, which is a good feeling. I can not say I am proud of it, because I did not feel it at the time and it was not intentional (laughs), but I enjoyed the fact that I did it.
  • It’s my second event after my marriage I played in Seoul. But playing in Tashkent is like playing at home . It’s nothing different except that I’m now playing with a ring in my fingers.
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  • Vania (King) and I are very good friends. I prefer doubles, because in singles I do not have anyone to talk to, to show my emotions. Vania is very good with playing volleys, but she does not feel too confident when the ball is high, so this is when she shouts to me to take it.
  • I always have nice matches against top players, because it’s easier, as I said, because I have no pressure, and I always come to beat them. I don’t need to defend something like if I play with lower ranked players.
  • I try to focus on my game and what I’m doing, getting my confidence and getting my game during this tournament. I’ll try to adjust. Even if some thoughts come to my head, I will try to put them away and focus on what I need to do.
  • It’s nice to hear my parents say that I have already proven to everyone I am a great player with good results. I have been winning grand slams in doubles and other tournaments, so now I feel I have to enjoy myself. I share the thoughts of my parents, so I just need to keep trying and enjoy it because I still got many years left to go.
  • I never play two matches in one day. Even one day we were supposed to play doubles after my singles, but our opponents walk over. So it was good, like because when I play doubles in a day off, it was becoming like a practice for me, like to wake up the body. Then I feel even better.
  • For now I plan to play everything. I will be bring in my fitness coach to get me ready with some grass exercises. So hopefully I can have some good results there, because with my powerful shots and serve I can also play good on grass.
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