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Zhang Shuai: RULES OF LIFE – Tennismood

Zhang Shuai’s Quotes

  • I just want to show the best of Zhang Shuai. Before the match I think this is in my life maybe last match. I’m trying to make me do my best in the match. I want to try my best.
  • If I want to win, I must sleep well, eat well. I need more quiet.
  • I lost 14 times (in the) first round. Maybe because (it was) 14 times, (it) gave me a lot more energy to work hard.
  • I never feel pressure from playing someone that’s supposed to be better than me. I’m just going to go there happy and hopefully and try to pull off an upset.
  • Every time many people watch me play, I play really well. I am feeling more exciting. I want keep this feeling.
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  • I am feeling very tough, because in all the Chinese player, the goal of this year, we want to play the Olympic Game. Yeah, this is the big goal. I have to win a lot of matches, and also from 200 to top 60, this is very tough.
  • She’s helped me a lot in my life (Sam Stocur), in these few years. Few years ago she’s top player, and we had one time practice together in Charleston; also we played doubles in Osaka. So we practice sometimes together. We eat dinner together. She gives me a lot of help.
  • When I was young, my coach gave me one English name, Rose, but I don’t like it so much. Only some call me Rose. Right now everybody call me Shuai. Much better, I think.
  • Right now I’ve just finished the match. I don’t have time to thinking next match. No more nervous for me because I’ve already played six match in this court this tournament. I’m enjoying the tournament right now.
  • My coach is left hand. Also my coach always warms up for me and practices with me. He plays very good. He also was very good player in China.
  • I’m just focused by myself. I don’t want to think so much about other player because, yeah, tennis is – how to say – yeah, we from same country. So happy we have Li Na (one of the most successful Chinese professional tennis player). Country can also win the Grand Slam. But I also can even one match win in Grand Slam.
  • Right now (by January 2016) I have already won six matches, yeah. Six great players. I really want to win Grand Slam.
  • So many girlfriends come to hug me. So proud of me, so exciting and happy. Everybody says I make everybody cry.
  • It’s so tough to play against someone injury.
  • After this tournament, I have already said this year I was less the tournament. I don’t want to play too much. I want to some more time for my life. I can do something for holiday, for rest, for stay with my parents. Also sometime I need working hard, yeah. I need practice.
  • I am waiting one match win long time, more than eight year. So this time feeling like maybe God will bless me. Like I am feeling one time give me many win, so I’m so lucky. If I can wait for long time, eight year, I can one time win a lot match in the Grand Slam, I’m happy. I want this.
  • I really want to have one coffee bar. So welcome to everybody. Come when I retire.
  • I have a couple of really good friends and we often go to pick flowers … And I feel I really want to have this kind of life, to feel relaxed and really enjoy life.
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  • I wanted to grow fruit, vegetables and flowers.
  • I didn’t mind that the tour (in 2015) was tiring; I just didn’t want to play. I even felt like I should just go and lose as quickly as possible. I think getting through that period helped me mature. It was a very important experience.
  • Everyone wants to remember his most beautiful moments but I feel like the toughest times are also.
  • I wanted [my parents] to come and see what I’ve been doing for the last 20 years.
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