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Albert Ramos-Vinolas

“I am very, very happy… I’m really, really happy… I’m very happy… I feel great… I’m very happy!” (after beating Milos Raonic)

Albert Ramos-Vinolas: Rules of Life(30 y.o.)
Albert Ramos-Vinolas

Personal Facts


  • Born in 1988 in Barcelona.
  • Started playing at 5.
  • Zodiac sign is Capricorn.
  • Favorite players are Sergi Bruguera and Alex Corretja. In his early childhood he often used to watch Spanish players. And these two were just the best for him.
  • Started taking part in tournaments in 2007.
  • In 2008 got his first title at ITF Futures.
  • When off tennis, he relax with his girlfriend, friends and family. Most of all he likes to have dinner at home, to watch movies and spend evenings together.
  • Is following an online business administration degree.
  • Favorite surface is clay and favorite shot is forehand.
  • Albert Ramos-Vinolas earned $949,544 in 2016
  • Is a big fan of the FC Barcelona and likes to go to the Camp Nou when he gets a chance.

Albert Ramos-Vinolas' Family

Albert Ramos-Vinolas girlfriend
  • His father, Guzman was a dentist and he played a lot at local club in Mataro. So he taught his son how to play.
  • Mother is Leonor. He also has an older brother, Eduard, who works at a sports shop, and one younger sister, Anna, a student.
  • Names his girlfriend as the one, whom he is grateful for having his career. They have been together for nine years already. She is his first love and his best friend.

Personal Team & Coaching

  • Coach name: Jose Maria Diaz-Perez. He usually travels with Albert about 20 weeks every year. He helped him when he was young. He always helps Albert to find a way to improve his game and to feel confidence about it.
  • When he has free time likes to train in the sport club where he first started to play tennis. His coach, was the director of the tennis school in Barcelona. He often does his physical conditioning there.

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