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Alison Riske

“I enjoy my tennis if I’m constantly learning and not becoming stagnant in approaches, ideas, or drills!”

Alison Riske: Rules of Life(27 y.o.)
Alison Riske

Personal Facts


  • Started playing tennis at the age of 3 after her dad took her out to hit. "My dad always wanted his kids to be in an individual sport so they could kind of determine their own destiny. Both my sister and brother played. Once I came along, I didn’t have a choice. He kind of forced it upon me. But I grew to love it."
  • "I wasn't a fan of the sport. I didn't want to ever leave Mom."
  • "My hobbies are spending time with family and friends, writing in a journal, reading and learning about the body."
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  • If Alison was not a tennis player, would go into medicine. "I was always very interested in the way people function. I always liked the sciences a lot."
  • Has a big collection of tea cups from countries that she has visited.
  • England is a special country for her. It is always in her heart.
  • "I don't eat chocolate or red meat."
  • "I loved growing up here (in Peters) because our township was so close, and I made a lot of close friends who I still keep in touch with."
  • "I didn’t watch too much tennis on TV when I was growing up, but one of my favorite players was Monica Seles. I just think the way she fought and the way she competed was amazing. I actually got to meet her once so that was really special."
  • "I enjoy all the surfaces. Every surface has kind of its own special feel. But I do love grass."
  • "We have a young group of American girls coming up, and we’re all actually very close. We train together in America."

Alison Riske's Family and Private Life

  • Her father (Albert) was an FBI investigator and also worked in the Secret Service. Her mother (Carol) was a school teacher. Now they are retired.
  • Sister (Sarah) played tennis for Vanderbilt and had a brief professional career, reaching as high as No. 372. Her brother (Dan) is an accountant but he also played college tennis for West Liberty State.
  • Alison Riske is dating Stephen Amritraj, who is a former professional tennis player for India.


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  • She played the fall of 2006 for Peters Township High School, where she led the girls' tennis team to the Pennsylvania State championship, and won the championship in singles.
  • Was awarded tennis scholarship to Vanderbilt University in summer 2009. "I was going the business route at Vanderbilt because it was easier to finish while playing tennis there, but I wasn’t as interested in it. I’d love to do something with medicine and just be able to take the classes that I’d find interesting." After good result made decision to play on WTA.
  • "It's a huge accomplishment for me to win my first WTA title (Tianjin Open,2014). And I was here by myself, which made it even more special, just to know that I was able to do it by myself."
  • "The best match I ever played was I think against Zvonareva 2 or 3 years ago at Wimbledon. I got to play on Court 1, and playing at Wimbledon was always my dream, so to be on a show court was really exciting for me."
  • "I feel the press definitely come up with some special questions after you lose matches like ‘How does it feel now you’re going to move down 100 place in the rankings?’ - Well, you know, it feels fabulous, it’s exactly what I wanted to happen!)"

Personal Team & Coaching

  • Her first coach was Janice Irwin (who coached the girls' tennis team at nearby Upper St. Clair High School).
  • Currently Alison Riske is working with Yves Boulais alongside her sister, Sarah. "I'm really fortunate. I'm traveling the world and spending time with my sister - who is my best friend.Sarah had actually been my coach and traveling partner for my first two years on tour, so she is not new to this." Yves Boulais is the husband of former professional Patricia Hy-Boulais.

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