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Alizé Cornet

“Everybody has his own way. There is no ideal situation. You’re doing your own way, each of us, and you have to try to keep focused on your game, on your tennis, and that’s the key!”

Alizé Cornet: Rules of Life(28 y.o.)
Alizé Cornet

Personal Facts

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  • "I think my destiny was to play tennis since I was a kid – that’s what I like to think."
  • "I am someone very private; I tend to retreat into myself. Personally, I don’t really have any friends on the tour: maybe one or two."
  • "Being away from home all the time, that is the toughest thing. Being away from my family, my house, my dog – all the things that I love. But this is pretty exciting too, so I can handle it."
  • "I speak Spanish, English and French, so maybe I would have worked in something like a translator."
  • "I don’t know how to say it in English but like when you have a strong character and get a bit angry sometimes – like a volcano, you get angry really fast."
  • "I go through so many emotions in the match, I fell and it is total drama sometimes."
  • "I would like to dedicate this victory (over Serena Williams) to my grandmother because she has just recently died and it's truly she who gives me strength match after match to win and I have had a little extra at this tournament. I think it's thanks to her."
  • "When you start losing your way it's very tough to find it again. I guess I lost it for a while."
  • "When I am so far away from my family for so long I miss them so much and my dog is just part of it. I could just thank my mother, my father, my boyfriend and not mention my dog. I couldn't do it!
  • "I got very high when I was 19, top 20, I was winning a lot of matches, a lot of money. Everything was great."
  • "If I could be any tennis player, I would be Roger (Federer)."
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  • "I like kangaroos maybe better (than koalas). I like when they are boxing, it’s like pretty similar to me sometimes."
  • "I was very receptive to everything that my mother gave me to read. I was fairly early and so I was able to read and write very young, I skipped two classes and found myself in year 3 at 5 years old."
  • "Far more than for men, women's tennis is a world of rivalry."
  • "I read quite a lot of books every month: on the plane, on tour, in the taxi, in my hotel room in the evening rather than watching TV! "
  • "In the beginning(of my career) it was tough because the rhythm was crazy. I was coming back home at night and I was totally dead. I couldn't even cook for myself I could only lie on the couch. But it was worth it because now that I see the results I'm just very happy."
  • "Physically I have a good base. It's one of my strengths. We just had to gain 2-5% to be more efficient on court."
  • "I beat two top 10 players [Serena and Simona Halep], two top 20 players [Kirsten Flipkens and Carlo Suarez Navarro], and it didn’t happen forever. So, for sure it’s amazing!"

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