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Caroline Garcia

“It’s always nice to play against big player. You are working and practicing to play this match, because it’s in this kind of match you can learn more!”

Caroline Garcia: Rules of Life(24 y.o.)
Caroline Garcia

Personal Facts


  • Was born to Louis and Mary Garcia in Saint-Germain-en-Laye.
  • Played many sports when she was younger and chose tennis because it was the one she enjoyed the most.
  • First picked up a racket at the age of six. Her parents played socially. "My parents were just playing for fun, and when I was young I started to play tennis. Like I did some basket or whatever because you have to do sport."
Caroline Garcia personal facts
  • "I just eat very simply. I don’t bring anything special with me. I check everything and try to eat a lot of rice and chicken. I just want to be safe and very careful."
  • Her hobbies are reading and spending time with family.
  • Never forgets her winning Limoges, Strasbourg, and the 2016 Roland Garros doubles title.
  • "I love that part of the world (Latin America). I made the finals there in Casablanca (Mexico) as a junior and I won in Venezuela. I like the people in those countries."
  • Endorser of Nike, Babolat and GDF Suez.
  • Her coach is her father, Louis Paul Garcia.
  • Caroline Garcia is one of the fastest-rising WTA Rising Stars in tennis.
  • Favorite city is Lyon.
  • "Winning a Grand Slam is something nobody will take away from you in your life. You've won it. Your name will be on the cup, as well."
  • Adores eating her uncle’s paella, pizza of the family, her mother’s tiramisu and millefeuille.
  • Blue is her beloved color.
  • Tennis idol is Roger Federer.
  • On all the tournaments, Caroline is accompanied by her father (an owner of a real estate agency). "When we plan the travel, we change when to arrive based on how long the flight is. Sometimes (the flight) is very long and sometimes very short. I don’t like to arrive too early. Most of the time, three days is fine."
  • "People think we have quite a long time to go sightseeing. But actually, it is not very often. I would be happy to do more sightseeing. I would love to do more after my tennis career."

Caroline Garcia's Activism

Caroline Garcia travels
  • Has got 3 singles and 6 doubles titles on the WTA tour, and also 1 singles and 4 doubles titles on the ITF tour. "When I started playing doubles I never thought I would win Roland Garros."
  • Won a Heart Award for her sportsmanship.
  • Turned pro in 2011 and competed in the Australian and the French Open that same year.
  • Caroline won her first WTA singles title in April 2014 at the Copa Colsanitas (Colombia). She beat Jelena Jankovic in straight sets 6-3 6-4.
  • Her first breaking into the top 25 of the world singles rankings was in 2015. "Getting into the top 30, that means something. It’s one of those small peaks you need to climb over; it gets you seeded in the big tournaments."
  • Has represented France at the Fed Cup and Hopman Cup.
  • Once was awarded the victory prematurely as a result of injury of her partner.
  • Garcia's breakthrough in doubles stemmed from her partnership with Mladenovic in 2016. The pair won four titles together, the greatest of which is the 2016 French Open doubles title. "Winning a Grand Slam in France with another French player, Kristina, someone who I like very much and we have lived incredible things together, is something, which, for the time being, is above anything I have lived before." The Frenchwomen are the 2016 Doubles Team of the Year.
  • "I would say that four years ago it was too early and my game was not ready. It was just [based on] a match, or even just 10 games. It took time but now I’ve had a lot of experience of that. Now I would say that I’m used to the pressure from outside because I had it from a very early age. So now I would say it’s less uncomfortable to get this pressure."

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