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Caroline Wozniacki

“I never give up. Doesn’t matter what the score is!”

Caroline Wozniacki: Rules of Life(27 y.o.)
Caroline Wozniacki

Personal Facts


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  • First picked up a racket at the age of seven.
  • Wozniacki's best friend is her fellow Danish tennis player Malou Ejdesgaard, who has been her doubles partner in five tournaments.
  • Close friends with Serena Williams and Agnieszka Radwańska.
  • "I`ve lived and trained in Monaco for nine years".
  • Speaks Danish, English and Polish fluently.
  • Her hobbies are handball, soccer, swimming, playing the piano, reading, listening to music, shopping and all kinds of different things.
  • A big fan of English Premier League team Liverpool. Once wore a Liverpool shirt signed by footballer Steven Gerrard on court in the 2011 Qatar Ladies Open.
  • Wozniacki appeared in the 2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, following other number one-ranked singles tennis stars: Steffi Graf (1997), Serena Williams (2004), Venus Williams (2005), Maria Sharapova (2006), Ana Ivanovic (2010) and Rafael Nadal (2012) who have appeared in the issue. "I am featured in the 2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. We made the trip to the island of Petit St. Vincent in the Caribbean to take part in the annual shoot. I was photographed in a different kind of swimsuit – I wore a body-painted swimsuit inspired by For Love and Lemons. The body paint alone took about 15 hours to complete. I love my body paint. This has been such an unbelievable experience."
  • Favorite actor is Brad Pitt.
  • "At a certain point, the body just takes a beating. I was fifteen when I first got on the tour. After a match, I'd be in the training room thinking, What's everybody getting all these treatments for? Now not a day goes by when something doesn't hurt."
  • Adores Martina Hingis and Steffi Graf.
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  • "Love boxing. Love the cardio, love what it does for the core and the arms. But here's what happened: my sparring partner was a professional boxer, and we had the same coach. So I was going at him hard, and somehow I got through his guard and reached his face, and I think he just instinctively threw a punch right through my guard and bopped me right on the nose. I went down pretty fast. Our coach was yelling, 'Get up and hit him!' I'm rolling around on the floor thinking, 'Okay, I may be done with this now'.
  • Likes eating her mom's chicken curry.
  • Took part in the 2014 New York City Marathon on Nov. 2 in honor of the New York Road Runner Team for Kids charity. It helped her to be in incredible shape and improve
    her tennis performance. "Running the New York Marathon was just the greatest feeling. Even though my tennis trophies are on the wall at my parents' house, the marathon's is the one that I've kept for my wall."
  • Caroline Wozniacki attracts legions of fans on social media, which is highlighted by the fact that she has more than 716,000 followers on Twitter.
  • "I have hardly even begun to think about that second life—the one off the court—but I`m thinking about going to business school. Who knows? I`m only twenty-five, after all."


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  • Former world No. 1 on the WTA Tour (was able to hold this position 67 weeks). "After going pro in 2005 at the age of fifteen, I reached number one in 2010 and remained there for sixty-seven weeks before tumbling to the depths of the top twenty. It was depressing seeing my ranking take such a hit and stopped looking at the charts altogether at that point."
  • Named as the world's 9th most marketable athlete by the June 2011 edition of SportsPro.
  • Became the first woman from a Scandinavian country to hold the top ranking position and 20th overall.
  • Wozniacki has won 25 WTA singles titles.
  • Named the WTA Newcomer of the Year (2008).
  • The 2nd highest-earning female athlete in the world (according to Forbes in 2011).
  • The advertising face of the line of tennis apparel designed by Stella McCartney for Adidas (signed in 2009).
  • Endorser of Godiva Chocolatier, Compeed, Rolex, Danske Invest, Oriflame, Proactiv, Sony Ericsson, Babolat and e-Boks.
  • "Denmark has chosen me as flag bearer for the Opening Ceremony at the Rio2016 Games".

Caroline Wozniacki's Family, Private Life & Coaching

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  • Caroline’s parents are Polish immigrants (Piotr Woźniacki and Anna Woźniacka).Her mother played on the Polish women's national volleyball team and her father was a professional football player. They moved to Denmark because of her father's signing for the Danish football club Boldklubben 1909. "I was born in Denmark. I feel more Danish than Polish, mainly because Denmark is where I grew up and where my high school friends and my brother still live."
  • Her older brother, Patrik Wozniacki, is a professional footballer for IF Skjold Birkerød in Denmark.
  • Wozniacki's father, Piotr, has been her primary coach since she was 14. "My dad is not only my dad, he’s my mentor, my friend, my manager, my everything. He does so much for me. We’ve always had a really close bond since I was a little girl and I think that’s very important."
  • Her fitness coach is Przemyslaw Piotrowicz.
  • Was in love with Northern Irish professional golfer Rory Mcllroy from 2011 until 2014. "Rory Mcllroy did the history of male courage all the damage he possibly could in 2014 by calling off our wedding over the phone. I just made the lovely, ultradry observation that it would be nice to wear heels again—McIlroy is shorter than me."

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