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Christina Mchale

“There were a lot of positives I took from my Serena match. The first and most important for me being that I can compete with the best. That match has really motivated me to keep working and improving!”

Christina Mchale: Rules of Life(25 y.o.)
Christina Mchale
  • Describes herself as calm and quiet.
  • Started playing tennis at Hong Kong apartment complex's courts.
  • Lived with her family in Hong Kong (from age 3 to 8) due to her father's job. But in 2000 they came back to USA and bought a home in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.
  • Her first tennis memory is playing with her sister and her mum (when she was 6 years old).
  • Graduated from Upper School of the Englewood Cliffs Public Schools as the eighth-grade valedictorian (in 2006).
  • Speaks English and Spanish fluently, knows basic Mandarin Chinese.
  • Coached by Jorge Todero.
  • Well-known for her powerful forehand groundstrokes, as well as for her speed around the court.
  • According to New York Times her "booming" groundstrokes is one of her primary strengths.
  • Aggressive baseliner, her favorite shot is forehand, considers movement a strength.
  • Likes playing on hard courts.
  • US Open is her beloved tournament.
  • McHale won her 1st WTA title at the Japan Women's Open (in September 2016).
  • McHale and Lauren Albanese are the only two USTA Girls’ 18s winners to post a victory at Flushing Meadows since the turn of the century.
  • Growing up idolized the Williams sisters.
  • Favorite actors are the cast of "Friends".
  • Hobbies: sports, music, hanging out with friends.
  • Also did competitive swimming growing up.
  • Her father, John McHale, is an Irish American (he works in finance) while her mother, Margarita, is from Cuba.
  • Has older sister Lauren, who graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill. Also plays tennis.
  • I live out of a suitcase. It is hard because when my friends are going out on the weekends, I can't go because I have a tournament. But it is all worth it.
  • In some ways I do feel like a veteran, and in others, I’m like, ‘Wow, I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by'.
  • Women's tennis is very competitive right now, and with more tournaments being shown on TV, people, and in particular sponsors, are seeing the strength of the competition.
  • My parents wanted me to do whatever I wanted to do, and they would support my decision. They were excited for me. It changed the fact that I can’t accept a college scholarship now, but everything else stayed the same.
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