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Daria Gavrilova

“You have nothing to lose. Just fight as hard as you can, get every ball back!”

Daria Gavrilova: Rules of Life(24 y.o.)
Daria Gavrilova

Personal Facts


Daria Gavrilova personal facts, biography
  • Nicknamed Dasha.
  • First picked up a racket at the age of six. Was introduced by her parents. “My dad wanted me to try and play tennis because he thought it was the best sport for a girl. I lived nearby a tennis school and I started about 61/2. I was going to kindergarten and my mum would pick me up a bit earlier than other kids and I was so happy. I was always telling the other kids ‘Oh I’m going to play tennis’."
  • "I love tennis."
  • Switched nationality (and representation) from Russian to Australian in December 2015. “When I first came to Australia with my dad for a junior tournament I said ‘Oh my god, this is the best country and I want to live there’. He was like ‘Yeah, we’ll see how it goes’.”
  • Has a dog (beagle) at home.
  • "I don’t really get homesick when I travel, I’m pretty independent.”
  • The most unforgettable memory for her is winning Youth Olympics in Singapore and US Open juniors, and becoming World No.1 junior. "It (the Olympics) is the best experience ever and the ceremony was just incredible. I’ve met so many other athletes and I always tried to eat with other Aussies. I’ve been loving it."
  • Tennis idols were the Williams’ sisters and Kim Clijsters in childhood.
  • Prefers playing on hard.
  • Favorite shot is forehand.
  • Melbourne is her beloved city. “I think the mentality here is what suits me,” she says. “The people are pretty chilled out. I love the style of life here, everyone is pretty sporty and it’s super comfortable. Melbourne has been named the most liveable city for like five years or something, so clearly I’m not the only one who thinks so.”
Daria Gavrilova boyfriend photo Luken Saville
  • Likes sushi, cheese, ramen, and SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • Has been in love with a professional tennis player Luke Saville for the past five years.
  • Together with her boyfriend Saville, Daria Gavrilova supports Carlton in the Australian Football League (AFL).
  • Adores reading the Twilight series.
  • Would have loved to be an actress if not a tennis player.
  • "I am very emotional. I mean, you can see all my emotions. I get frustrated with myself, and I guess I show it. Sometimes I shouldn't be. When I'm happy, I guess I show it, as well."
  • Coached by Nicole Pratt and Biljana Veselinovic.
  • Nicole Pratt, the former Australian doubles champion about Dasha:"When I got to know her better I just loved her spirit and her character. She was challenging to work with. She challenged me to be a better coach because she was always wanting to know why we were doing certain things. I had to spend time building that trust with her. I would call Dasha extremely brave. She moved to a new country, she trusted people that she doesn’t know that well. That takes a tremendous amount of bravery and courage to be able to do that.”
  • Is a former ITF world No.1 junior.
  • Gavrilova has won the 2010 Youth Olympic Games, 2010 US Open and achieved a combined career-high junior ranking of world number 1 in August 2010.
  • Throughout her short career, Gavrilova has achieved victories against former Grand Slam champions Maria Sharapova, Ana Ivanovic, Angelique Kerber (her first victory over a reigning world number 1), and Petra Kvitová (twice). More impressively, all of these players were ranked in the top 10 at the time. "I have been dreaming about beating Maria (Sharapova) since I was probably 12 when I saw her win Wimbledon, when she beat Serena. I was like 'Oh, I really want to play her and beat her'. I was probably visualizing beating her since I was 12."
  • “I’ve never actually had good results playing in Moscow, I never really liked the surface. To be honest I came back every year there because my mum’s birthday is around the same time as the tournament.
  • “I think Melbourne is my home now because I live with my boyfriend and I’ve moved on. But when I go back to Russia I say that’s my home too because I grew up there and we’ve actually never even moved house. I grew up in the same apartment, I’ve still got the same room. My brother took it but when I was back to play the tournament I said ‘OK, I am going to sleep in this room, you can go to the guestroom’.”

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