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Daria Kasatkina

“I never expect something, because if you expect something, it’s always  bad. So I just go on court…”

Daria Kasatkina: Rules of Life(20 y.o.)
Daria Kasatkina

Personal Facts


Daria Kasatkina personal facts & photos
  • Speaks Russian and English.
  • Likes playing on clay.
  • Forehand is her favorite shot.
  • "My psychology is to be a little bit more defensive, so I’m trying to be more offensive."
  • Never forgets her winning Roland Garros juniors and 2015 US Open run.
  • Loves soccer, supports the football club Barcelona.
  • Beloved tennis player is Rafael Nadal.
  • “I like to spend time with my friends, if it's possible. I like to watch football, because of my brother, again. And I like to play football. I like all sports. And sometimes I like to lie on the bed and spend some time with my phone”.
  • Adores eating cheese. She can eat anything with cheese!
  • "I like to play when there are a lot of people watching me."
  • She is born in Tolyatti and lives in the Russian city but spends a rather considerable amount of time in Trnava (slovakia) in Empire Tennis Academy.
  • Has an equipment contract with Nike.
  • Prefers watching men's over women's tennis. "I don't like watching women's tennis, because it's always strange ... because they are playing not so good like men, and it's better to watch men's.
  • "It’s very difficult, not even physically, mentally it’s very difficult to go from Russia to America then to Brazil, then again to America, then Asia, and all this. It’s very difficult really and I have to get used to it."


  • The 14-years old won her first tournament at the fourth-graded Samara Cup. A year later she debuted at Grand Slam junior tournaments.
  • Became a professional tennis player in 2013.
  • Won the girls' singles tournament at the French Open in June 2014.
  • Has won 7 singles titles on the ITF tour and 1 WTA doubles title on in her career. "Every match gives me experience. Doesn't matter where. I feel like I'm improving every match, every practice."
  • Kasatkina was part of the Russia team that won the Junior Fed Cup in 2013.

Family & Coaching

Daria Kasatkina family and coaching
  • Daria was born 7 May 1997 in Tolyatti, Samara Oblast. Her father Sergey works at the Volga Automobile Plant, and her mother Tatyana is a house wife.
  • Her parents are both Candidates for Master of Sports (mother - in athletics, father - in ice hockey).
  • Kasatkina took the racket at age six. Her brother Aleksandr brought her to tennis. He is also her fitness trainer. "My brother once said to my parents, that I had to start playing tennis. I was six years old. For two years, I've been just playing two or three times a week. Then I started to play some tournaments and show some results."
  • Her coach is Vladimir Platenik from Slovakia.
  • "In Russia it's very difficult to practice. If you want to improve, you have to go to Moscow, but I don't like Moscow. That's why we moved to another country. And it's better to practice in Europe, because everything is around there."

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