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Elina Svitolina

” I always try to set a goal which you cannot reach, as you always have something in front of you. I have a big goal for the year, small goals for one week, for one day, to feel good on court, to learn something from each practice!”

Elina Svitolina: Rules of Life(23 y.o.)
Elina Svitolina

Personal Facts


  • No. 1 professional female tennis player in Ukraine. "It's hard to practice in Ukraine because the federation doesn't help us much."
  • Was born in Odessa, Ukraine. Currently lives in Kharkiv. "At 13, I moved to Kharkiv because I got a sponsor there. I think it all started there."
  • First picked up a racket at the age of 4. Her brother was a professional tennis player. "I started playing when I was 6 or 7. I was jealous because my parents were going to the tournaments with my brother. I wanted to get better."
  • "I started playing national tournaments when I was around 7 or 8 years old, and I was first or second all the time."
  • Svitolina won the Roland Garros girls title in 2010 at the age of 15.
Elina Svitolina personal facts, quotes
  • By winning Baku, Svitolina became the first teenager to win a WTA main tour title since February 2012.
  • She went pro in 2010. In 2014, at 19 years old, she was the WTA's highest-ranked teenager, according to Sports Illustrated.
  • Svitolina has won four WTA singles titles: the 2013 Baku Cup; the 2014 Baku Cup; the Grand Prix SAR La Princesse Lalla Meryem in Marrakech in 2015; and the Malaysian Open in 2016. She's also won two doubles titles, at the Istanbul Cup in 2014 and 2015.
  • "All players in the top-20 play outstanding. Everyone has something special."
  • Adores playing on hard and clay. "I have a bad transition from outdoor to indoor courts, from hot to cold. It's always tough for me."
  • Andre Agassi (because of his playing style) and Roger Federer are her favorite players. Also admires Serena Williams' serve and Kim Clijsters' groundstrokes. "Roger. He's so classy. He's so perfect. All the time I see him and I go to my coach and I say, "Hey, this guy is too perfect." He's just walking, doing everything so perfect."
  • Beloved tournament is US Open.
  • "One of my favorite songs on my iPod is “Stay” by Rihanna."
  • Worked with Iain Hughes for two and a half years, and chose to split with him in November 2016. In February 2016, Svitolina appointed former world number one Justine Henin as a member of her coaching team.
Elina Svitolina profile page with bio facts
  • Defeated the World No.1 Serena Williams in the women's tournament of the Olympics 2016 in Rio.
  • People most admired by her are the Klitschko brothers and Michael Jackson. "I'm really sad I missed Michael Jackson in concert. I really regret I never got to see him."
  • Enjoys wake-boarding, diving, watching soccer and reading books.
  • "I love New York. It's one of my favorite cities." Because of love to Chinese food and watching Johnny Depp's movies.
  • "I like to go for a walk around the city, to see the sights. Every city is special, each one has something different."
  • Speaks Russian and English. "I can easily understand all the things and sayings in French, but I am facing difficulty in speaking French."
  • "Sometimes, I turn into a shopaholic. But I'm that kind of person who needs to look at something for one or two days, sometimes weeks. I need time to be sure what I need. So I don’t buy everything at all."
  • "Valentino, perhaps, is my favorite fashion brand."
  • Her favorite writer is Nicholas Sparks. The film of his book “The Notebook” is one of her favorite films.
  • Is a dedicated hip hop fan and Eminem is on top of her list.
  • "WhatsApp is my favorite app."
  • Is sponsored by Nike, Italian sports apparel company Ellesse and French apparel Lacoste. Always uses Wilson racquets.
  • "I have a big team. Of course sometimes I need to change like sparring partners and fitness coaches. But everyone has their own job and we’re doing a good job and looking forward to 2016."

Elina Svitolina's Family

  • “My father's name is Mikhail, he has his own business, but most of the time he is busy with my tennis - arranging the hotels, tickets and things like that. My mom is travelling with me during most of the tournaments and her name is Elena. Normally she is someone who is working as a 'needlewoman' - she does everything with clothes”.
  • Elina's older brother, Yulian, is a tennis coach in Ukraine.
  • "I became a tennis player thanks to my brother, who was also a professional player. He couched me, aged 9-13, and now he founded his own tennis academy in Los Angelis. Angelina, my sister in law, is also a tennis player. Recently she returned to playing professionally. Both Julian and Anglelina helped me with my training in California. I am proud that I have a big and close sports family."

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