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Eugenie Bouchard

“I’m trying to improve and get better for the future!”

Eugenie Bouchard: Rules of Life(24 y.o.)
Eugenie Bouchard

Personal Facts


  • Nicknamed Genie, The Chosen One (given by her siblings), The Mighty Bouch.
  • Is the first Canadian in history to reach a Grand Slam Final.
Eugenie Bouchard personal facts and photos
  • Born to Julie Leclair and Michel Bouchard (who is an investment banker) in Monreal.
  • Began to play tennis at the age of 5. In this age was put in a kid’s tennis clinic on Nun’s Island, near Monreal.
  • "I’ve always had this inner confidence, this inner belief. Any successful run I have is never a surprise, because I put in 10 years of hard work."
  • Studied at Westmount all-girls’ private school “The Study”. But at age 12 moved with her mother to Florida where took tennis skills from the coach Nick Saviano.
  • Is a member of Tennis Canada's National Training Centre in Montreal.
  • Her favorite tennis player is Roger Federer. As a child, she admired Maria Sharapova.
  • Played in her 1st tournament when she was eight.
  • Is the richest Canadian female player. Her career earnings are around $2-million.
  • Was WTA Most Improved Player of the Year (2014).
  • Likes playing on grass.
  • Reached the semifinals of the 2014 Australian Open and 2014 French Open.
  • Got the 2012 Wimbledon girls' title.
  • Was named WTA Newcomer of the Year (2013).
  • Adores Justin Bieber. When she was asked about her “dream date” she quickly replied as Canadian Pop star “Justin Biber” name.
  • Speaks English and French fluently.
  • If she wasn’t a tennis player, she’d be an air traffic controller.
  • Produced with Laura Robson a viral video featuring tennis players (including Maria Sharapova) performing dance moves from “Gangnam Style.” It had more than 500,000 views on YouTube.
  • "I’m fashion forward. I love trying the new trends, even if they’re not the sexiest or whatever - it’s cool to change things up. You don’t always have to wear skinny jeans; they can be wide legged jeans, things like that. Edgy and simple. "
  • "My favourite city in the world is Rome: I love the food, the people - it’s so beautiful and old. I always try to visit as much as I can. I visit the Vatican almost every single year."
  • "I’m a girl and I do care about what I look like, and I do care about my outfit. We are females, and we can play the sport and be tough on the court but have a girly side and care about fashion and all these things. It’s great that we can be more than just tennis players."
  • "'Genie In A Bottle' by Christina Aguilera is definitely my song. Not only is it my name, but it's also the very first song I put on my iPod. Sometimes during tournaments, they ask us what song we want them to play while we walk on the court and I'll always ask for Genie In A Bottle."
  • " When I was ranked 100 and it was my first year on the tour, it was a compliment (about her Similarity with Maria Sharapova). She’s a great champion, but I’m my own person. I just want to be Genie and no one else. "
  • "I already feel old. Last year, when I got out of my teens into 20, it was a huge deal for me. I was freaking out about it. Maybe when I’m 30, I’ll be that old person in university walking around making friends with 20-year-olds."
  • "I adore all Italian food. As an athlete, I eat a lot of carbs, but in Italy, it’s just so delicious. Everything they make is fresh and straight from the garden."
Eugenie Bouchard biography
  • Uses a Babolat Pure Aero racquet. Her equipment sponsors are Nike and Babolat.
  • Has an arrangement with Coca-Cola, Rogers Communications, Pinty's and Aviva Canada.
  • Thought of becoming a physician. She is really good at science and mathematics.
  • Her favorite restaurant in Montreal is Beautys, a classic brunch spot.
  • Likes reading Agatha Christie.
  • Adores receiving hilarious gifs and memes from her fans.
  • During a Wimbledon press conference wore kimono and even took her teddy bear along.
  • Likes to be in front of the camera. Appeared on CTV’s The Social and tried her hand at weather forecasting.
  • Her fans call themselves the “Genie Army”.

Private Life and Family

  • Has a twin sister Beatrice Bouchard who is six minutes older then Eugenie. They were named after of Prince Andrew’s daughters. Also has got brother and one more sister.
  • Is very good friends with British tennis star Laura Robson. They met in childhood in Florida.
  • Had a romantic relationship with Montreal Canadiens player Alex Galchenyuk.
  • Her friend is actor Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory. He has watched her Wimbledon progress from her competitors’ reserved seating and is “the most positive supporter” for Eugenie.

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