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Johanna Konta

“If I go out against some of players and see them as their ranking, then I probably would have already lost before I even stepped on the court!”

Johanna Konta: Rules of Life(26 y.o.)
Johanna Konta

Personal Facts


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  • Picked up tennis at the age of eight, but was a talented all-round athlete and considered athletics for a while as well.
  • Speaks Hungarian and English fluently.
  • Began studying at the Sanchez Casal academy in Barcelona at age of 14. There spent 15 months to develop as a tennis player. "A lot of that time, I was on my own. I was away from my parents as well. I essentially taught myself for those years. But I did OK! I honestly think it was because I had a desire to learn. I loved maths. I loved history."
  • "I went to a Steiner school in Sydney and some of my fondest memories are of its setting – we were in a kind of forest and I felt immersed in nature. That school taught me to love learning and I don’t think many people can say that. It also gave me these awesome skills. "
  • "I do help prepare (about her cooking skills) - I do cutting and I do boiling water. But I’m much better at eating."
  • Became a British citizen in 2012. Before had played under the Australian flag.
  • Her childhood dream was to visit Rome. When she was a kid, her mother picked up a book about Rome for Johanna – a 3D book with a pop-up Colosseum. Ever since then it was her obsession.
  • "I get a car from the dealership. I do drive a nice car, it’s a wonderful car. It’s a Peugeot 208. It’s got like a glass roof, it’s got leather seats, so yeah it’s really cool. You’d be lucky to ride in it!"
  • Is a music lover. But her favorite band is U2. If I had a house I would mortgage it to see U2 (an Irish rock band from Dublin). But I don't have a house to mortgage. But one day I’d like to see them.
  • "I am not an actress and not a drama queen, so to be in such a vulnerable situation (she fought heat collapse in the middle of a draining three-set match against Tsvetana Pironkova), sets you back a bit."
  • Likes eating ice cream.
  • Admires Steffi Graf.
  • Enjoys reading, watching movie, listening live music and doing the occasional shopping spree.


Johanna Konta biography
  • Was born to Gabor (an hotelier) and Gabriella (a dentist) in Sedney. The family immigrated to Australia from Hungary.
  • Her grandfather (Tamás Kertész) played football for Ferencvárosi TC, won 2 international caps for Hungary in the 1950s and later was a coach of the Ghana national team.
  • Has an elder sister, Éva Emese, from her father's previous marriage. She lives in Australia.
  • "We stopped playing Monopoly in my household after I made my sister cry. I was 11 and she was 14. I bought the property she specifically asked me not to buy – and I did it deliberately."
  • "I was 14 in Barcelona and when I initially went there I didn’t see my mum for six months and my dad for four months (she lived in Barcelena without parents). I think what was most difficult for my parents that if anything went wrong they couldn’t say: ‘OK, we’ll be there in a couple of hours’. Flights cost thousands of dollars and even on a good connection you’re still 26 hours away."


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  • Australian-born British tennis player who, in 2016, became the first female British singles player to be ranked in the Top 25 in 29 years. "I do feel that this year (2016) has gone very, very quickly, it just feels like so much has happened in such a short space of time. But I hope to be feeling the same way this time next year."
  • Reached the heights of world number 11 as a junior, but it has taken her a long time to climb the ladder as a senior.
  • Won her first professional tournament at the age of 16.
  • Was nominated in the Most Improved Player category at the WTA Awards.
  • "I'm not invincible. I'm no Serena Williams."
  • Is the first British woman to play in a Grand Slam quarterfinal since Jo Durie reached it
    in 1984.
  • Her 11 ITF titles have given her about $575,702 in prize money winnings.
  • Has won one singles title on the WTA tour, as well as 11 singles and four doubles titles on the ITF circuit in her career.
  • Her Wimbledon debut was in June 2012, as wild card.
  • Never forgets her representing Great Britain at the 2016 Olympic Games.
  • "I’ve been in this career for 17 years and I’m only 25. So you’re going to go through phases of hating the sport and hating how it dictates your life. But if you really do love it you push through that. If you don’t love it you realise: ‘OK this is not for me.'"

Personal Team & Coaching

  • Coached by Esteban and Jose-Manuel Garcia.
  • Her mind coach is Juan Coto who is a good friend of her Spanish coach Esteban Carril. She speaks to Coto, even from Australia.
  • "As players you have all these different titles for your team when you arrive at a tournament. Agent, coach, physio, trainer … and when we got to Melbourne there is one category that said ‘hitting partner’. I thought: ‘Wouldn’t it be a laugh if I put him(coach) down as a hitting partner?’ In Nottingham (2016)I was like: ‘What do you want to be this week? "

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