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Juan Martin del Potro

“I want to play for many years, not one more match!”

Juan Martin del Potro: Rules of Life(29 y.o.)
Juan Martin del Potro

Personal Facts


  • When I was young, I only know about soccer. I was waiting for a soccer practice. It was an hour. So boring. A person gave a racquet to me. I hit the wall. And maybe after six months I decide I want to stay with tennis.
  • It is not easy when you travel a lot and you spend time away of home and you cannot share moments with your friends, family.
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  • Now my life is different. I have a different game. I'm getting older. Everything is like new for me. It's like a new career after my third surgery. I'm really enjoying this.
  • I would like to say thank you to them (his parents) because I’m here because they were behind me and never left me alone and never let me quit tennis.
  • The first time I played on grass I felt horrible, as every Argentinean player does.
  • I spoke with everybody. But the most important thing was to stay close to my
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    family and friends. They supported me every day.
  • We’ve known each other (about his partner Dani Vallverdu) since junior tournaments and we’re staying together because he was alone and I’ve been alone for a while and we have a great relationship.
  • It makes me proud when you tell me that you feel inspired by my recovery and that's one of the best gifts I got in 2016.
  • Messi is a better player, and the most famous sportsman in Argentina, but Tevez is even more popular. He's a simple guy, they like that. He is a good friend of mine.
  • My year on the ATP Tour has just finished and it had a very special moment, the best week of my life: the Olympic Games in Rio. That night after the medal ceremony I did not want to leave the stadium. I wanted that moment to last forever.
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  • You sleep in your room? "Yes." Is everything the same? "Same. My teddy Boca, which I have since age 4, is next to my bed."
  • I would love to be a favorite, but I have a few more guys playing better than me. And all Grand Slams you have the same favorites forever, like Djokovic, Rafa, Murray, Federer, and Isner too.
  • I didn't have the normal team of any player, but I could rely on my family, my closest friends and you (fans), especially the ones that supported me from every corner of my beloved country.

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