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Madison Keys

“Find your motivation—and follow it. I try to stay motivated by always thinking this is what’s going to make me better.”

Madison Keys: Rules of Life(23 y.o.)
Madison Keys

Personal Facts


  • Maddy Keys was born on February 17, 1995. That time her family lived in Rock Island, Illinois.
  • First picked up a racquet at age 4. The small girl was just hitting the ball into the neighbor’s garden. It was a great fun for Maddy and that was the time when she got her first tennis training and her first coach. There she made her first hitting forehands. And her coach understood that that small girl had had a great future in tennis world.
  • "When I tried tennis, I loved it. I played against my garage door, then on my driveway and then my parents started to take me to the court after school every day. I started taking lessons three times a week when I was seven and then I started playing in tournaments when I was nine."
  • At 9 her life changed a lot when her family moved to Florida and she started to train tennis at the Evert Academy. (John Evert, the owner of the famous Evert Academy saw Madison’s play and urged her parents to take her to the Evert Academy.)
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  • When a child, her favorite food was ice-cream. It doesn’t change till now.
  • "Probably Snapchat is my favourite app. It’s super entertaining, and I have some really ridiculous friends who send me videos. It kind of gets me through the day sometimes. But If I could only have one I would probably be on Twitter. I think it’s cool how you just get to interact with people a little bit more. You can say whatever you want. If a random thought pops into your head, you can tweet it."
  • A big fun of Taylor Swift, sometimes likes to go to the Coachella music festival with her friends.
  • "I‘ve got an ordinary routine. My typical day is drilling from 9 to 11 a.m. and homeschooling from 12 to 3 p.m. with Kaplan Virtual Education, an online high school. Then, I play matches from 3 to 5 p.m., do fitness from 5 to 6 p.m. and then homework from 7 to 9 p.m."
  • Like most Americans, Keys likes shopping and can spend a lot of time choosing a new dress. At home likes just to lie on the sofa and watch TV. "When I have my day off I do a lot of online shopping. I also love to bake. And if I’m not doing one of those, I’m usually just hanging out with friends."
  • Enjoys playing on different surfaces, but hard she likes most of all.
  • "If I could choose I would obviously love to play Roger Federer and I think it would be fun to play someone like Andre Agassi too."
  • "Probably Eminem’s ‘Till I Collapse’ inspires me most."
  • "Beating Petra Kvitova was one of my biggest wins ever on a really big stage at a big tournament."
  • "My style off the court?I love a classic look, but then I also love pairing it with something like combat boots. I’m into changing things up and having my own style by mixing elements of classic things."
  • "Sometimes I forget that I’m only 21. I’ve been on my own and I have traveled alone for years now. It’s the life of a tennis player. It can be tough and lonely on the road, but at the end of the day we get to play professional tennis for a living, and I wouldn’t change it for the whole world."
  • Considers Roger Federer the best tennis player. She has watched all his matches.
  • "Being an American, we’re very lucky that all of the attention is very rarely just on one person, unless you’re Serena — then it’s on you all the time."
  • "Having crowd support is really incredible."
  • Choosing between tennis and dance Madison’s choice was obvious. She couldn’t imagine her life without tennis. Then she first thought of tennis as a possible career for her.
  • >Has one quite an unusual wish. She wants to have a tatto. Her coach Davenport has two of them. But her mother doesn’t let her do it. She says that when Madison has four children and wins Grand Slams and she is retired, she will make as many tattoos as she likes.


Madison Keys with sister photo
  • Mother, Christine and father Rick are attorneys and had family practice in Rick Island. "Hate having to say good-bye to my Mom. "
  • Father Rick Keys used to be a basketball player when he studied at Augustana College.
  • Two younger sisters - Montana and Hunter and one older sister, Sydney. But they don’t really communicate much. Several times Keys took them with her to the tournament. But they were bored very quickly and they often went sightseeing or just preferred to stay at the hotel.
  • Madison Keys has always played for her future and doesn’t really think much about the present. That was the idea that her mother gave her. Her mother is not a professional player but she analyzed other players’ games and came to a conclusion that those who play with more aggression win much more often. She always told Maddy that the main goal was to become a professional and it was nothing if she didn’t win the juniors.
  • Had an ordinary and happy childhood, spent a lot of time outdoors ( rode a bike and played in the yard the whole day).
  • Is a grateful daughter. For the last season she has earned 750,000 dollars. And for the whole career she made more than 2 million dollars. After she signed a contract with Nike she bought her mother a big house.
  • The sweetest memories are connected with her grandparents. Every weekend Maddy came to stay with them at their farm in Iowa. She tells that she and her cousins used to take flashlights and play hide-and-seek in the evening.

Personal Team & Coaching

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  • Coach is Davenport."We have a very similar personalities with Lindsay Davenport, so we get along really well. Having someone who’s done it, who knows what the ups feel like, what the downs feel like, who can put everything in perspective is an element that you don’t usually get.Having someone who knows what you’re going through, knows the nerves, knows the pressure, is hugely beneficial. They’ve done it and they’ve been through it. Having someone help you through that is what I’ve enjoyed the most in working with her."
  • "I’ve known Levine for many years and I’m very grateful to him. He trained me at
    the Evert Academy. He did a great job. I met him when I was looking forward to have someone on the road and in the trenches with me."
  • Once in California, her coach, Davenport suggested Maddy to live with her family. Madison didn’t like to stay alone in the hotel so she accepted. She spent time with Davenport’s kids. They colored, built different castles and watched cartoons. Nickelodeon’s PAW Patrol was their favorite. Keys felt back in her childhood when there was no tension and no responsibility. She is very happy not be in the center of everybody’s attention. At Davenports’ place Madison felt just like when she is near her family at home.

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