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Sam Querrey

“I don’t overthink things in my life. I don’t stress out. I’m keeping the thoughts pretty simple on the sideline. I keep reminding myself how fun it is out there.”

Sam Querrey: Rules of Life(30 y.o.)
Sam Querrey

Personal Facts


  • Full name is Sam Austin Querrey.
  • First racquet took at the age of 4 years old.
  • At 7 was playing against 16 years old guys.
  • Enjoyed tennis from early childhood, but the decision to be devoted to this activity was made when he was 15.
  • He might be considered an “old-school” man, as he opens the door and previously walked the girls to their cars after dates.
  • Decided to play college baseball instead of being a part of the Detroit Tigers baseball team.
  • Fond of betting.
  • Grew up in California and graduated from Thousand Oaks High School.
  • At his teen years, high school friends organized a fan club called the "Samurai Club”. Some fans called Querrey "Samurai Sam”.
  • Sam was offered a full scholarship by the University of Southern California. Nonetheless, he decided to turn pro in June 2006.
  • Favorite surface is hard.
  • Enjoys playing basketball, golf, as well as table tennis and cards with friends and family members.
  • Travels across the world to earn the living and explore the world.
  • Has earned approximately $7 million in prize money.
  • Best cities are London and Paris. Sam is convinced that these cities are middling.
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  • Had crush on Taylor Swift.
  • Favorite romantic place is The Melting Pot.
  • The most favorite dish for the date is a fondue.
  • Does not mind eating food off a stick at home.
  • Fan of Los Angeles Lakers (NBA).
  • Free time activities are hiking and bike riding.
  • Likes learning languages. Speaks English, German, Swiss German and French.
  • The most important human qualities for him are honesty and grateful attitude.
  • Persistent and hardworking (was unsuccessful at archery until he practiced more and achieved the settled goal).
  • Always keeps his words, despite the influence of any external circumstances.
  • Tends not to take an advantage of new sport technologies and innovations.
  • Sam Querrey contemplates tennis not as a combination of wins and fails; it is rather an opportunity to improve, in spite of the official result of the game.
  • Sam has 15 random drug tests during the year.
  • Best friend is doubles partner, Steve Johnson. They know each other since childhood.
  • Plans - to hit 300 match wins in the nearest future.
  • Is not fond of tennis representation in the Olympics; therefore, he does not participate in this event.

Sam Querrey's Family & Private Life

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  • Was introduced to tennis by his mother.
  • Mother, Chris, a housewife, father, Mike, a mortgage banker, younger sister, Ellen.
  • Sister Ellen was an astounding volleyball player at Thousand Oaks High School.
  • Has never dated a girl who plays tennis.
  • Admires women with feminine style of clothing and behavior.
  • Has been in love twice, currently, he is dating a model Abby Dixon.
  • Parents have been married for 30 years and are high school sweethearts.
  • Is fond of his family; therefore, he enjoys time spending with them. Enjoys travelling and sightseeing. The whole family tend to visit warm countries, as all of them are in love with sunbathing, relaxing on the beach and summer activities.


Sam Querrey photos
  • In 2015 participated in the TV show called Millionaire Matchmaker in the US.
  • In 2008, at Sun Life Stadium, Miami, Sam Querrey hit two home runs.
  • Contested the second longest men`s singles match in Wimbledon history that took 5 hours 31 minutes.
  • Nowadays, he is No. 29 on the ATP World Tour (on 15.09.2016).
  • Querrey upset Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon in 2016. This was one of the most remarkable upsets in his 11-years career.
  • Career peak was in 2011, when he was No. 17 in the world.
  • At age 20, in 2008, he won his first ATP title. Since that time he is widely compared with Roddick.
  • Till 2009 Sam was No. 2 American tennis player. In 2009, he became the first American tennis player who was able to reach three straight ATP finals.
  • Majority of time within the boundaries of his professional endeavor he spent in the ATP's Top 50 and some amount of time in the Top 20.
  • Sam Querrey has never managed to achieve the quarter-final of any Grand Slam Championships.
  • The best results of his career are represented by 4th round appearances in Wimbledon (2010, 2016) and US Open (2008, 2010).
  • Sam is popular for setting the record for the most consecutive service aces, as he reached 10 straight against James Blake in a 2007 match.
  • His career could be over in accordance with the injury suffered in Bangkok. He was putting his shoes on and a glass table shattered above him. His serving arm was injured by a piece of glass.
  • The elbow injury disadvantageously impacted his career for the next three years.
  • Is going to practice approximately for 8 years.

Personal Team & Coaching

  • According to Patrick McEnroe, he is very low-key.
  • His coach, Grant Doyle, was No. 1 in juniors from Australia.
  • Karen Crouse states (New York Times, 2006), in 1979 Mike decided to attend the University of Arizone and marry his high-school sweetheart instead of focusing on professional evolvement. In accordance with this life experience, he recommended Sam to sacrifice personal life and career for professional achievements.
  • His chiropractor is Casey Cordial.

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