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Simona Halep

“I love the game and I do not feel that I have sacrificed anything. On the contrary I feel privileged to do something that I love!”

Simona Halep: Rules of Life(26 y.o.)
Simona Halep

Personal Facts


  • Halep began playing tennis at age four after she had seen her older brother on tennis court. She wanted to be like him.
  • In childhood her tennis idols were Justine Henin and Roger Federer.
  • Doesn’t stick to diets and eats everything in moderation. Favorite food is pasta. Loves chocolate and pizza, but doesn’t like chilli. Also she has a weakness for sneakers.
  • Likes drinking orange juice.
  • At age 17 she underwent breast reduction surgery to take her size from a 34DD to 34C. It was undertaken to improve her movement around the court.
  • "Maybe I ask too much from people. I am very impatient."
  • "I like to read psychology books, not novels or romance books."
  • Doesn’t like watching a lot of tennis, neither live nor on TV.
  • If she weren’t a tennis player, she’d be a mathematician.
  • "I like to go shopping."
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  • Her father was a former soccer player for the AS Săgeata Stejaru club. Now he has his own dairy factory in Romania.
  • "In a big picture I want to get stronger. "
  • "I like to drive. I drive when I come home, I drive at some tournaments where we have cars at our disposal. But I don’t drive too fast."
  • Her favorite tournament is Roland Garros and Paris is her favorite place. "It’s difficult to start playing on clay because we have like seven, eight months on hard court. But I feel good. I feel good on clay. I have confidence that I can win matches on this surface."
  • "In the past I was very stressed to speak to media and to everyone. Now I feel more relaxed.I had to considerably improve my English. Dealing daily with the media,
    interviews and journalists in general are part of the life of a professional tennis player and it's an important part of our lives."
  • "I progressed a lot in all areas of the game and I think my mental keeps me where I am now. I think I can reach a higher level in tennis."
  • "I try to hit the serve not very strong, but I have good rhythm, I think. The return I try to be aggressive, to take it fast and to block it more. And then to move very fast."
  • "I am a normal person with common sense. Unlike on the court, I’m a more indecisive person. I don’t have big hobbies, I like to go to the swimming pool, to go and watch a movie, to walk in the park."
  • "I had a song before every match at the tournament in Madrid: Marcel Pavel – I fell in love. I didn’t felt well if I wouldn’t listen to it. I’m not superstitious on and off the court, that’s what I felt then."
  • "I have to improve my tactics on court, to see the game and to change a little bit more often during the match. But also mentally… Darren is a good talking man. He talks good with me and that helps me a lot."
  • Describes her playing style as "aggressive" baseliner and "model her game on Justine Henin". "Justine Henin was my idol when I was growing up. She still is, I can say, because I didn't win Grand Slam yet. So she is my idol.I liked her a lot and I liked her game and her personality on court."
  • Is known for her calm, straightforward presence on the tennis court.
  • "I feel like home at the Mutua Madrid Open. It is one of the best tournaments in the world. Everything is good here. Also the people are relaxed and they look after you a lot. They try just to help you have everything you want. I really appreciate this place a lot, about the people as well."


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  • "My dream is to become number one in the world and at least win a Grand Slam title."
  • Got 11 WTA titles and won 6 ITF tournaments. "After victories and titles in the WTA circuit, my life changed."
  • Became Romania's top-ranked tennis player in 2013. "If you are first in your team it’s terrible I can say. I feel pressure and you get tired after a few days. Because you play for your country, and everyone is expecting you to win all your matches and I lost, so it’s not easy."
  • Halep is the 1st player since Martina Hingis at the 1997 Australian Open to reach her first Grand Slam final without dropping a set (and Hingis went on to win that final in straight sets). "It’s easier for us now to think that we’re able to win a Grand Slam. Till now it was tough because Serena was there and we(WTA) thought that she is the only winner. But now everyone can think that they are able to win a Grand Slam."
  • Was able to win the first six matches in the WTA in the same year. Earlier only great Steffi Graf did it.
  • Was awarded the most popular player in the WTA Award for 2014-2015.
  • Is outfitted by Adidas on the court. Also her clothing sponsors are Lacoste and Nike.
  • "To play against Serena is like a big challenge. Always I want to face her because I can learn a few things from her. She’s the best player, and I respect her a lot."
  • "It's an unbelievable feeling to win the Mutua Madrid Open 2016. It's the best day in my life."
  • "My goal is to do very well at Roland Garros, but it's very difficult to make predictions, I have just to think about my tennis and game by game."
  • "I still want to improve my shots, my tactics and generally myself. I know I still have a lot of room for improvement. Right now, however, I am very happy with my game and I feel very confident. "

Personal Team & Coaching

  • Her couch was Ioan Stan at an early age.
  • Her manager is Virginia Ruzici, the only Romanian woman to win a Grand Slam title when she claimed the 1978 French Open. Ruzici was also the runner-up in Paris to Chris Evert in 1980.

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