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Svetlana Kuznetsova

“In tennis, you don’t need much. Just lose one game and everything may go wrong!”

Svetlana Kuznetsova: Rules of Life(32 y.o.)
Svetlana Kuznetsova

Personal Facts


  • Her nicknames are Sveta and Kuzzi.
  • Began to play tennis at the age of seven. Then moved to Spain to attend the Sanchez-Casal Academy.
  • Liked watching tennis in her childhood, preferring men's over women's tennis.
  • Best tennis memories are winning 2004 US Open final and 2009 Roland Garros final.
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  • Has best forehand in women's tennis. Because of her strong forehand has reached a lot of success on the court.
  • Appeared as a playable character in video games Top Spin 3, Virtua Tennis 2009 and Virtua Tennis 4
  • Favorite movies are Love Actually and Save the Last Dance.
  • It is impossible for her to leave home without her iPod.
  • "When I was 24-23, I would say I would never play when I’m 30. Now I don’t want
    to say I won’t play when I’m 35."
  • Cut her ponytail during WTA finals in Singapore. She said that she did it to beat <strong>Agnieszka Radwańska
  • Is sponsored by Fila and Head rackets.
  • Has earned more than $8 million in prize money throughout her career.
  • "I have difficult friendship with the grass. This year and every year I try to convince myself that I can do well."
  • "It’s extremely hard to travel so many weeks in a row. Doesn’t matter if you win, you lose. When you lose, it’s more difficult. When you win, it’s a bit easier. Still, it’s extremely tough."
  • "Now home for me is Moscow, but I don’t know where I will be after I stop playing. My life changes day-to-day so much. I like different parts of the world. It depends where I going to have family."


  • Was born to an athletic family in Leningrad (her father, Aleksandr Kuznetsov, was a coach of five Olympic and world cycling champions and her mother Galina Tsareva, is a six-time world champion and holder of 20 world records in cycling.
  • "My dad was very strict coach. He doesn't want his guys to get involved in any relationships when they cycle, so he chose to train men only. When I started to grow up he had to decide whether to open his women's group again for me, but he said no, do something else. He made a joke. He said tennis earns more money. It was a joke because money never mattered to him, only results."
  • "My father never came to my matches. He only gives me reccommendations about my physical preparation. My mom doesn't come to the tennis, either, because I asked her not to. She's too upset when she's there."
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  • Turned pro at the young age of 15. At the end of 2002 ranked in the top 50 and was named the Newcomer of the Year.
  • Has won a total of 17 WTA and 1 ITF singles titles and 16 WTA doubles titles.
  • Got the US Open singles title in 2004 and was the runner-up in singles at the French Open in 2006 and the US Open in 2007.
  • Has qualification six times for the WTA Tour Championships, where reached the semifinals in 2016.
  • Has appeared in four Grand Slam singles finals, winning two, and has also appeared in seven doubles finals, winning twice. As a doubles player, has reached the finals of each Grand Slam at least once, winning the Australian Open twice.
  • "I was talking to Maria Kirilenko (ranked 19th in the world) She used to take the train and then the metro for three hours to practice. Then she'd hit for two hours and travel three hours home. My family didn't have much money either, maybe $300 a month. In the winter in Russia I played inside a balloon but it was zero degrees, and we couldn't afford to heat it. There was no money, no budget, only your family were helping you. It is still the same. If you go to a junior tournament in Russia, the Russian girls are so focused. In England it is completely different. It's like a holiday for them."

Personal Team & Coaching

  • Currently her coaches are Hernan Gumy and Carlos Martínez.
  • After her receiving of training at the Sanchez-Casal Academy in Barcelona, was coached by club president Emilio Sánchez and Sergio Casal.
  • On the advice of Roger Federer, moved to Moscow in 2009 and began training with Russian coach Olga Morozova.

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