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Tomas Berdych

“At 30, I have come to a stage in my career where physical training is not necessarily about spending four hours on the track running or in the gym lifting weights. It’s all about looking into the small details where I can get an edge here or there!”

Tomas Berdych: Rules of Life(32 y.o.)
Tomas Berdych

Personal Facts

Here we gathered the most intriguing facts about Tomas Berdych tennis player: his favorite event, rules of life, guilty pleasure, perfect wife, trainings, his style off court and a lot of others!


  • Started playing tennis at age 5 at a tennis center in his hometown.
  • At age 8 won the final of the top young boys of Czech Republic. Soon he won the Czech Republic U-12 Junior Title.
  • "In my junior days, being taller than the other kids was a big benefit to me and I never had a problem stepping up an age group. The only issue was getting used to the regular jibes from opponents, along the lines of: “What are your parents feeding you?"
  • Considers hard court his favorite surface and forehand and serve his strengths.
Tomas Berdych cool photos
  • Tomas Berdych turned pro in 2002.
  • "My favorite event is Monte Carlo: it’s very special again. I like the location and it’s a lot of history and a nice place for me. I’m not really sure if the clay would be the top surface – these days it’s more like you have to be an all-round player. If you asked me I would probably say hard court but with the results I’m having I have to go for all around."
  • Biggest career win to date was the 2005 Paris Masters win as an unseeded player.
  • Most significant success was attaining the 2010 final at Wimbledon.
  • Big pancakes' fan! "My guilty pleasure is pancakes. Any kind will do. I love them the French way, very thin as a crepe. I love to eat them with Nutella spread over them. I have found a way of making them gluten-free. "
  • Reached the finals of the 2010 Miami Masters, 2012 Madrid Open and 2015 Monte Carlo Masters.
  • Appeared in GQ Magazine’s “20 Most Stylish Athletes of 2013”.
  • "I just try to play with social media a bit. There are so many things that you can do with social media. Again it’s about trying to bring people something else – seeing what you like to do in your down time. I think it’s similar to the designing stuff: you can express whatever you feel. With social media, it’s what you feel in that moment. Designing the collection is more long-term, but it’s all fun."
  • "Twitter is a great opportunity to bring something else to the audience and all the people around. It’s very difficult to show the personality when you’re on court. Because on court, you have to be really focused for the match and whatever it takes, you have to be like that. I can really see that it might be boring."
  • Featured in 2014 ESPN The Magazine Body Issue.
  • First high ranking in singles was No. 4 in the World in May 2015.
  • Played the longest (7 hours, 2 minutes) ATP match ever in doubles, with Lukáš Rosol at the 2013 Davis Cup.
  • "The hardest part of my training is that the days are very long. We start around 9am doing all sorts of warm-ups, stretching. Then you go on court for two hours, go back and do an hour of fitness. That is one block in the morning, and then it’s a similar thing in the afternoon. It can be done by around 7pm. You have time to rest in the middle, but these are really long days."
  • Fan of ice hockey and follows the Detroit Red Wings.
  • The NHL Czech players and the 1998 Olympic gold medal team, including Martin Straka, Jaromir Jagr and Dominik Hašek are all fond of tennis and have on several occasions come to Prostějov to play alongside Berdych.
  • "If I win a Slam, it would be an even bigger achievement because it’s such a tough era. It would be easy to look at it in another way and to become frustrated and be disappointed by that. But what are you going to achieve by thinking in that way? Tennis is at an extremely high level."
  • "When I woke up on my 30th birthday, there was a bit of a realization that I’m not that young any more. But most of the guys around me are a similar age: Nadal will be 30 during the French Open, Djokovic turns 29 tomorrow and Murray is 29. That makes it easier for me."
Tomas Berdych with wife

Tomas Berdych's Family

  • Parents: mother, Hana is a doctor and father, Martin, is a retired train engineer.
  • Wife, Ester Sátorová, model, met in 2014, married on 16 July 2015. "Meeting my wife Ester Satorova (who is a supermodel) and seeing how she looks after herself DID have a big influence on me. When two people do vastly different things for a living but spend a lot of time together, you cannot help but affect each other. Ester is getting much more into
    sport. She probably works out in the gym more than I do and she likes to run every day. Her life brings a little bit of the fashion world to me and thanks to her influence I take a lot more care about the things I wear."
  • Was in relationship with Lucie Šafářová, tennis pro, (broke up in 2011).

Personal Team & Coaching

  • José Félix González Castilla is his fitness trainer.
  • Fitness trainer is Azuz Simcich and physiotherapist is Per Bastholt

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