WATCH! Milos Raonic writes a note to his future self…

by: TennisMood March 06, 2017 455

WATCH! Milos Raonic writes a note to his future self…

“These film portray how overcoming obstacles both in sport and in life represent a transformative experience that can forever alter an athlete’s journey and outlook for the future ,” says Chris Davis, New Balance Vice President of Global Marketing. “What you would say to your future self is a powerful realization of your fears, values, ambitions and the type of person you want to become.”

And this mini film on Milos Raonic may become an aspirational story for your own letters to your future selves.

Never lose the fire. The fire to train, to compete, to win. The fire to get better, to rise, to succeed. It’s the fire that drives you, that forces you to hit harder, keep going, to bleed. The fire is your source of energy, your power, your character. But don’t let it consume you. You use it. You share it. You can spark in others the fire to fight, to overcome, to become fearlessly independent. The fire will give you everything in life, or take it all away. Keep the fire burning.

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